Why Dubai's Bling is a guilty pleasure for reality TV fans

Reality TV fans are captivated by Netflix's new series Dubai Bling. Viewers are binge-watching the entire season and calling it "guilt."

Netflix recently released its new reality series, Dubai Bling, and fans couldn't help but praise the show as "guilty". The show follows the super-rich lives of ten self-made millionaires in Dubai. Viewers will get a glimpse of diamonds, skyscrapers, super-fast cars, glamorous nightlife, upscale shopping and everything that revolves around bling. Dubai Bling is a spin-off of Bling Empire, but the only difference is that it's set on the beaches of the UAE.

The latest Emirati soap opera has caught viewers' attention as they call Dubai Bling a sin. Twitter user @mabintou wrote: "I love Dubai's Bling. It's exactly the kind of ridiculous reality show I like." Another Twitter user @ehnoouh said: "#dubaibling is the kind of wacky, over-the-top, over-dramatic I like to watch Thank you to everyone involved." Throughout the episode, the cast of Dubai Bling talk about their million dollar business, the women indulge in petty bogging, and the stars show off their lavish lifestyles and Concentrate on their daily life in Dubai. Fans seem to be enjoying a moment of drama at Dubai Bling. Viewers are getting an inside look at the bizarre lives of Dubai's shining stars who can't help themselves Watch the entire season from binge watching.

Why Do Fans Want Dubai Bling Season 2 Immediately?

Fans can't wait for Dubai Bling Season 2. As of this writing, Netflix has yet to officially announce season 2, but given the popularity and growing fan base, a second season is a possibility. From the viewer's point of view, Dubai Bling successfully showcases the exotic life of these millionaires and also brings a contrast to Bling Empire.

Fans love the show's dramatic events, such as Safa Siddiqui losing her coat closet when she can't find room in it, or Zeina Khoury's confrontation with Farhana Farhana Bodi throws a sponsored birthday party to cover up. It is appreciated how Dubai Bling keeps the show authentic for a multicultural audience. The actors speak both English and Arabic, which is helpful for the audience.

Fans of the reality show praised Dubai Bling for its comedy and polemic elements. The cast say the show is unscripted, but remember the gossip and slander, it doesn't look like it. Despite its major flaws, the show was a huge success that left viewers cringing. The show's Dubai set played a huge role in grabbing viewers' attention as viewers It's great to see these celebrities sparkling life in Dubai.

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