Why Alfie Did This To Emily In Paris Season 3 Finale

Alfie makes a surprising decision after Emily learns more about Emily's history with Gabriel at the end of Paris season 3, but does it make sense?

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Emily in Paris season 3.

^ Alfie breaks up with Emily at the end of Paris season 3, and he has good reason for doing so. While Emily and Alfie's relationship seemed to improve only after Gabriel and Camille got married, Emily's twist in the Paris season 3 finale shook things up again, making Emily's future hopeful. Emily and Gabriel are both single now, which means the "would-they-would-they" dynamic between the two characters could return. Still, it's a surprise that Alfie broke up with Emily.

Camille reveals the truth about the "Gabriel Pact" at the wedding, which leads Alfie to discover that Emily had a past with Gabriel. While Alfie was rightly upset that Emily never told the full truth about Gabriel, Alfie was quick to decide on Emily in Paris season 3 after hearing Camille's version of the story. Break up with Emily in the ending.

Alfie confided to Emily in Season 2 of Emily Paris that his previous relationship did not end well. That's why Alfie doesn't want to introduce Emily to his parents, because the last two times he did so it resulted in Complicated breakup. Alfie's reluctance to start a new relationship is only now beginning to change. While Alfie's breakup with Emily during Camille and Gabriel's wedding seemed abrupt without even hearing Emily's story, the way Alfie's previous relationship ended suggests he doesn't want to risk another heartbreak .

Alfie’s Previous Relationships Hadn’t Ended Well

Alfie is apparently still hurt by the previous breakup, as he won't introduce Emily to his parents, even though he's been with Emily since season 2. Also, Alfie could already see that there was some history between Emily and Gabriel, this perception only got worse after Camille's wedding speech. Alfie feels like he's a second choice to Emily, who is still in love with Gabriel. Camille blames Emily for her fight with Gabriel in Emily's Paris season 3 finale, and the way she tells the story ultimately suggests that Emily still wants to be with Gabriel.

Alfie's breakup with Emily felt like a very defining moment. Emily in Paris has been considering Emily's choice between staying with Alfie or Gabriel since season 2, and by the end of Emily in Paris In Season 3, Emily still feels like she hasn't quite made up her mind. With Gabriel and Camille's engagement falling apart and Alfie leaving Emily, Emily in Paris season 4 may finally see Emily and Gabriel together. In that case, Alfie's Emily in Paris story could end after the shocking season 3 finale. That being said, Alfie deserved a better ending.

Will Alfie Return In Emily In Paris Season 4?

A member of the cast of Emily in Paris since season 2, Lucien Laviscount played a major role in Emily's story and could indeed return as Emily in Paris for season 4. Emily didn't get a chance at Gabriel and Camille's wedding, which means Emily and Alfie will likely have another conversation during Emily in Paris season 4. Emily and Alfie probably won't get back together, though, as Alfie's previous relationship suggests he won't risk being the center of a love triangle. It's also possible that Emily and Alfie will become friends after everything settles down.

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