Who is stronger: Spock or the number one in a strange new world?

There are two of the most powerful characters in Starfleet in Strange New Worlds, Spock and Number One, but who is the stronger officer?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has two strong officers, Spock and One, but who's stronger? Spock's background is pop culture legend at this point; introduced in Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock is the product of a human mother and a Vulcan father, ultimately choosing to live in Vulcan tradition. Strange New Worlds chronicles Spock's early days on the Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike.

Pike's trusted first mate was Una Chin-Riley, often shortened to Number One. Although she is believed to be human, it is revealed that she is a genetically enhanced Illyrian in the first season of SNW's "Ghosts of Illyria." The Illyrians altered their genetic makeup to colonize planets, rather than altering their conditions, in violation of the Federation's ban on enhancements. Number One's enhanced abilities helped save the Enterprise crew from a light virus, but ultimately led to her being captured by Starfleet at the end of SNW Season 1.

Is Number One Stronger Than Spock In Strange New Worlds?

Number One displayed some impressive physical abilities in "Ghosts of Illyria". She can easily carry the unconscious chief engineer Haimer on her shoulders and defeat the security chief Laan Nounian Singer was effortless in hand-to-hand combat. The confrontation with La'an also resulted in a cure for the Photovirus via Number One's genetically enhanced antibodies.

While the full range of her physical abilities has yet to be explored, it still seems unlikely that One is stronger than Spock. Vulcans are roughly three times stronger than the average human, with increased lung capacity and metabolism. Spock is only half Vulcan, but has shown his impressive strength on more than one occasion. For example, Spock used his agility and strength to evade pirate raiders in the SNW season one episode "The Serene Squall." Perhaps most famous is the TOS episode "Amok Time," which featured a deranged, energetic Spock in hand-to-hand combat with Captain James T. Kirk. Kirk himself was no slouch in the fight, but Spock dominated the fight and nearly killed his captain.

Spock Couldn't Overpower Khan In Star Trek Into Darkness

Spock once fought a genetically enhanced human he was unable to defeat - Khan Noonien Singh. A product of genetic engineering in the late 20th century, the Khans ruled a large portion of the planet at the height of the eugenics wars. He awakened in the 23rd century, once again bent on conquering and destroying.

Spock and Khan A vicious battle was fought at the climax of the Kelvin timeline movie Star Trek: Dark. The two were evenly matched, and before a phaser-wielding Nyota Uhura intervened in time, Khan gained the upper hand and turned the tables. There hasn't been any indication that One has the same physical strength as Khan, but "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" has audiences anticipating the unexpected of the Enterprise's mysterious co-pilot.

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