Who are Venom's voices and why they sound different in Venom 2

Venom and the symbiote in Venom: Carnage stole Tom Hardy's thunder -- and Venom's voice actor explains why Hardy might not care.

In Venom, Tom Hardy played the role of Eddie Brock - the man under the symbiote - but who voiced Venom in both Venom and Venom: Letting Carnage was a question that bothered viewers. In both films, journalist Eddie Brock hears the voice of Alien Venom in his head. The bickering couple dynamic of Bullock and his living alien skin suit is a mainstay of the franchise and a source of the saucy humor modern audiences have come to expect from superhero movies. Sony's marketing department adopted the tone of the cop movie with the home video release of Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Tom Hardy's performance as Eddie Brock was widely praised as a unique and faithful adaptation of the character. The energy and vocal mischief Hardy is known for in roles like Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and Alfie Solomons in Peaky Blinders is on full display. Unlike Eddie Brock, Venom's voice in "Carnage" features simpler dialogue - slower, lower-pitched, and hoarse. Basically, what to expect based on the character's established and legendary history in Marvel Comics. although it may not Sounding a lot like him, Hardy has both the role of Eddie Brock and the voice of Venom. According to Hardy, he would do a vocal performance for Venom in the morning, and the sound engineer would play it back live to play back and forth between the human and the symbiote. Despite the notable difference between Venom's voice in Venom and Venom: Let the Carnage Happen, Tom Hardy played Venom in both films.

How Tom Hardy Built Venom's Alternate Voice

Hardy was already known for his quirky vocal decisions, but his inspiration for Venom's sound came from sources that were unexpected even to him. In an interview with Screen Rant, Hardy outlined his many "ingredients" and inspirations as a voice actor for Venom: "Redman, Busta Rhymes and James Brown as ingredients, and then I use that to create the kind of fusion that you hear, it sounds like Not like that, but initially it was like a vibe or a heartbeat that I wanted to bring to it. Kind of bombastic, playful, dark, witty, smart, you know, honest, but with a strong, familiar, friendly Delightful voice"

This particular combination may not be evident in Hardy's Venom voiceover, but the result is still unique And it works. Hardy was aided by a series of practical effects during the recording process, and his voice was layered with those of himself and the late Brad Venables in an uncredited role during post-production. That's part of the reason why Venom's voice in Venom has such a low resonance and mouthwash. Tom Hardy has an impressive range, but with his unaltered vocal cords alone, even he has trouble delivering Venom's low growl.

Why Did Tom Hardy’s Venom Voice Change For Venom 2?

As Venom's voice actor, Tom Hardy deliberately changed Venom's voice in Venom 2: Carnage to reflect the symbiote's development in the general plot of the Venom film. Although guttural as ever, Venom in the sequel speaks more upbeat and less threatening than before. Hardy wanted to better match the lighter tone and weirdness of the Eddie Brock-Venom dynamic, and highlight the Venom character's evolution between Venom and Let There Be Carnage. The symbiote spends a lot of time with Eddie. Instead of the menacing xenophobia he was when he arrived on Earth, the sequel's Venom seems to have gained some humanity through infiltration. Venom is barely domesticated, Hardy deftly lets this permeate his performance.

Hardy's voice as Brock and Venom certainly reinforces the argument for why the MCU needs Venom. That said, on a practical level, further differences come from a wider post-production treatment and a shortage of diverse vocal layers due to Brad Venable's untimely death in 2021. Even though the sound design varies slightly between movies, Tom Hardy showed his talents by building an instantly recognizable sound for Venom, whether it's Venom's monster alien or Venom's anti-hero deadly protector. : Let There Be Carnage.

Venom's Voice Can Keep Tom Hardy In The MCU

Oddly enough, while Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock is back in his own little corner of the Sony universe, a small portion of the Venom symbiote remains in the MCU - if Hardy still voices it , which could be a way to keep him in the MCU. More importantly, it opened the door for the MCU to create a new Eddie Brock, differentiating their Venom from Sony's. Disney could even choose to work on a Flash Thompson version of Venom with Spider-Man MCU actor Toby Revolori, while still having Hardy voice the Venom in The Flash's head. Including Tom Hardy in a Spider-Man movie, even the voice of Venom, is a guaranteed ticket seller, something Disney and Sony probably know.

Due to the presence of symbiotes in the MCU, Marvel could even develop the ultimate live-action Spider-Man symbiote by combining Tom Holland's Peter Parker and retaining Hardy as Venom's voice actor. The twin-Tom combination of Holland as Peter Parker and Hardy as the voice of Venom in his head is sure to please audiences, and could lead to incredibly dramatic and comedic moments (this follows the very successful Spider-Man necessary feat: No Way Home). As long-time comic book readers know, with Avengers: Secret War fast approaching, it's very likely that Marvel will surprise audiences with the debut of the MCU's Symbiote Spider-Man. If so, having Tom Hardy voice Venom again in the MCU after his Venom would be a solid strategy: make Carnage an end-credits scene.

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