Where to Watch Transformers: EarthSpark

Discover where to watch Transformers: EarthSpark, the light-hearted, family-friendly animated series about Earth-born Transformers.

Find out what new elements Transformers: Earth Sparks is bringing to the popular franchise, and where to watch the new animated series.

Transformers: EarthSpark showcases many of the most popular Transformers from past movies and TV shows, including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron. The premise of the series revolves around the relocation of the Marto family from Philadelphia to the more rural Witwicky, a name familiar to fans of the Transformers series. Thirteen-year-old Robby Malto struggles to adjust to life in a new town, while his younger sister Mo has a more positive outlook on the adventures that await them in their new surroundings. Just as Robbie sinks into despair and tries to escape, he and his sister encounter a whole new breed of Transformers in a glowing cave. Homegrown Transformers with the catchy names Twitch and Thrash, known as Terrans, and in a fun twist, the two kids bond with their new robot friend after touching the Emberstone in a cave. Most of the first 10 episodes of Transformers: EarthSpark featuring Robby, Mo, Twitch, and Thrash battling mysterious villains with the help of Optimus Prime and even rebels against Megatron The remaining rogue Decepticons on Earth.

You can watch how the new Transformers terrans and their young human companions became family, now streaming Transformers: Earth Sparks on Paramount+.

Watch Transformers: Sparks of Earth on Paramount+

How Does Transformers: EarthSpark Expand the Transformers Universe?

Transformers: Sparks of Earth takes place years after the end of the war between the Autobots and Decepticons, so viewers see the previously evil Decepticons with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee Work together with their human allies towards a common goal. While we've seen Transformers switch factions many times in other movies and TV series, Transformers: Earth Sparks blurs the line between good and evil in the Transformers universe. Dr. Meridian, known as Mandroid, is a human scientist who helped the Autobots in the war, lost an arm to friendly fire, and is determined to wipe out all Cybertronians from Earth. In the first episode, when he kidnaps Twitch and Thrash, viewers are introduced to Dr. Meridian, menacingly voiced by Diedrich Bader on The Drew Carey Show, who has also voiced Batman in several animated films and TV series . ghost. Also played a key role in Transformers: Earth Sparks, but the group's inhumane treatment of Decepticon prisoners in the past has kept them from being fully trusted by society at large Transformers or Twitch and Thrash are attracting subjects for new research.

While the action is present in Transformers: Sparks on Earth, the combat is brief but well choreographed and convincingly animated. Violence in the series is kept to a minimum, however, and instead it's mostly a light-hearted family-friendly story about a cohesive family unit that takes on a pair of Terran Transformers in a way that doesn't appear in the Transformers novels. In other films, we've often seen young human characters flee family issues and befriend the Transformers they find on Earth, but their robot friends are initially kept secret from authority figures. In Transformers: EarthSpark, Twitch and Thrash essentially become Robby and Mo's siblings. With the support of their parents, Dot and Alex, the four characters learn more about their strange connection that causes some problematic twitches and whips when the human child doesn't come home.

As the first season of Transformers: Earthsplash unfolded, the showrunners had plenty of storylines to explore and questions to answer. Exactly how Transformers reproduce has traditionally been a matter of debate among fans, whether they could have been created by humans in a lab, or required a mysterious spark Life that exists only in other parts of the universe. How exactly Twitch and Thrash were created on Earth, and how they are so closely tied to Robby and Mo, is certainly a theme the writers could shed more light on in future episodes.

Where to Watch Transformers: EarthSpark

Transformers: EarthSpark was first announced at San Diego Comic-Con International in July, and has been eagerly awaited by Transformers fans ever since. With proven talent and masterful production values, Alan Tudyk from "Firefly" and "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" voices Optimus Prime with authority, vibrant 3D CGI animation It's complemented by a top-notch techno soundtrack from Southern California band Crush Effect. With reports that a second season is already in the works to follow up on the 10-episode sequence of the first season, it's clear Hasbro thinks they've found the answer to the new animated series. The magic weapon. You can watch Transformers: Earth Sparks Season 1 now on Paramount+.

Watch Transformers: EarthSpark on Paramount+

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