What Happened To Aaron Washer After My 600-Lb Life Season 7

Aaron Washer was one of the greatest victory stories of My 600-lb Life season 7. What has the reality star been up to since clearing out the TLC appear?

Aaron Washer was one of the stars of My 600-Lb Life season 7, scene 12, and since taking off the appear, fans have been pondering how he's been faring with his life. In spite of the fact that Aaron wasn't in a terrible position health-wise when he chosen to look for the assistance of Dr. Presently to check his weight misfortune, he was in a terrible position physically and rationally. He weighed well over 700 lbs, and was embarrassed that he had his 76-year-old father taking care of him.

With Aaron cresting at a weight over 700 lbs, his eating propensities had rendered him stationary, and changes had to be made some time recently he ate himself to passing. Amid Aaron's time on My 600-Lb Life, he conceded that his life was unadulterated torment since he was in consistent torment. This, nearby his being physically able to require care of his father, impelled him into making vital changes in his life. At the conclusion of his time on the appear, Aaron finished up losing well over 300 lbs making him one of the foremost fruitful cases in that exceptionally season. In any case, life hasn't been smooth cruising since taking off the reality TV appear. Concurring to Looper, not as well long after clearing out My 600-Lb Life, Aaron misplaced his father.

Aaron Washer Lost His Father After My 600-Lb Life

With his surgery being a victory, Aaron was able to lose sufficient weight to be the one taking care of his father. The My 600-Lb Life star posted numerous visit overhauls concerning his father's wellbeing on his official Facebook page, which has since been erased. In April 2019, he uncovered that his father had a foot disease and would require a toe expulsion to be superior. Be that as it may, fair two weeks after making this upgrade, his father passed absent. He educated the open of this utilizing his official Facebook page. This was the final post Aaron made some time recently he went ahead to for all time erase the page.

Tragically, 2019 was a difficult year for Aaron, but in spite of all the negatives he still had a few positives. The foremost critical being that Dr. Now's previous persistent Aaron begun working full-time at an helped living office as a caregiver and restorative professional, conjointly begun a unused relationship. Indeed in spite of the fact that Aaron erased his official Facebook page, he still kept his individual one around. Every so often, he drops upgrades concerning his life by means of his individual profile. In October 2020, Aaron posted a picture of his marriage permit.

Independent of all the obstacles that got tossed his way, presently more than ever, Aaron appears exceptionally decided to keep living a more advantageous life. In spite of the fact that he doesn't fundamentally share overhauls on his schedule and weight misfortune travel, from his Facebook posts it's more than self-evident that the reality TV alum is living a more beneficial and more satisfying life. Fans of My 600-Lb Life and well-wishers can as it were trust that life proceeds in a positive heading for him.

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