Wednesday overtakes Netflix holiday release and returns to No. 1 top 10

Tim Burton's Wednesday Addams show surpassed Netflix's holiday release and returned to No. 1 on its top 10 list six weeks after its premiere.

Wednesday returned to Netflix's No. 1 TV spot. The show revived the Addams family, offering a full reboot centered on the old Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega), which saw the young Addams daughter sent to Nevermore College after nearly killing several people, which is A student at her alma mater at a school for social outcasts, leading to her expulsion and court-mandated treatment. There, Wednesday becomes embroiled in a murder mystery as she tries to untangle the truth about the presence of a deadly monster and her own uncertain fate.

After taking Netflix by storm, Wednesday catapulted to the heart of pop culture. In fact, "Wednesday" broke Netflix records by amassing more than 1 billion watch minutes just one month after its release, and those watch hours have only grown since then. Six weeks after its launch, it appears Wednesday has only temporarily lost its place as the platform's No. 1 TV show, as Netflix reports it's back at the top spot despite the release of The Witcher: Origins, Harry & Meghan, and Emily in Paris Season 3.

Why Wednesday Is Back To #1 On Netflix

As a reboot, Wednesday It brought with it the hoard of multiple generations of Addams fans nostalgic for the 1964 show, the 1991 film and 2019's animated hit. In addition to proving to be a thrilling film success, Wednesday also benefited from the surreal charm of the Addams family, while its protagonist was also the most gracious member of the family since she was younger and engaged in typical high school drama. To make the show even more compelling in the age of the DC Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, members of the Addams family have superpowers, the existence of which has slowly become a major draw at the box office.

The holidays have already begun, which means that college students and high school students finally have free time to sit down and watch theater. Since the show was released in the middle of the semester, younger audiences may not have had the chance to watch the show at all before this holiday season, which may be one of the reasons for the show's sudden rise. The fact that Wednesday has also proven to have staying power has also helped it against recent Netflix projects like The Witcher: Blood Origins, it came at terrible timing with the announcement that Henry Cavill would no longer be involved with the franchise. While other shows may break its hold temporarily, Wednesday was strong enough to regularly return to the top after an initial surge dip.

So We're Definitely Getting Wednesday Season 2, Right?

Of course, given Wednesday's success, expect a season 2 and some potential spin-off projects centered on the Addams family. The spinoff could focus on Pugsley Adams (Isaac Ordonez), Uncle Fester (Fred Armisen), and even Morticia (Catherine Zeta- Jones) and Gomez Adams (Luis Guzman), but it could also center on fascinating new characters like the charming Enid (Emma Myers). As for Wednesday, while it's hard to pin down where the team will go after Wednesday's ouster from Nevermore Academy, Wednesday's Season 2 renewal is reportedly imminent, with reports suggesting it will arrive in early 2023. For now, nothing is official, but after proving Wednesday that The Addams Family is still a compelling franchise, there's no reason to doubt her staying power.

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