TVD: Were the original vampires technically hybrids?

The original vampires of The Vampire Diaries are a lot of things, but technically, having a witch-vampire hybrid identity could be in there too.

The original vampires in The Vampire Diaries were born witches, but their transformation into vampires probably doesn't preclude them from becoming witch-vampire hybrids, too. The ritual performed by Mikaelsons mother Esther gives her child the chance to become a vampire, but at the cost of being disconnected not only from nature, but also from their ancestors who were witches. The inability to practice magic by channeling either of these two sources of power makes primal vampires presumably unable to practice any magic.

However, it is neither confirmed nor denied that members of the Mikkelsen family other than Klaus were completely unable to practice all forms of magic after the transformation. Because of the Mikaelsons' unnatural status as vampires, nature may have inherently removed their ability to use magic, but the ancestors allowed their creation, just as they allowed Qetsiyah to create the other side and the first immortals, Silas and Amara. Silas is a psychic witch who, after becoming immortal - an unnatural being in the eyes of nature - is still able to practice magic, albeit the dark magic known as expression. It is a magic that can neither be given nor taken away by nature ancestor. So, theoretically, it's reasonable to think that primal vampires might practice the same type of expression magic as Silas.

Why Silas Was Technically A Vampire Diaries Hybrid

The hybrid state can also be extended to Silas, one of the five doubles in The Vampire Diaries. He once bitingly explained to Elizabeth Forbes: "I come first. Vampires are nothing more than a disgusting perversion of me. I'm unkillable, I'm immortal, I'm psychic." ;to function, I need human blood, but never call me a vampire." Technically, this is arguably fair, since Silas lacks the supernatural abilities of other vampires, though his hallucination abilities never make it It looks like that. However, the blood-sucking fairy still has a dual identity attached to his original blood of the witch clan.

How The Original Vampires Differ From Silas

The roots of Esther's vampire spell are found in Qetsiyah's spell of immortality. The only key difference is that Silas doesn't need to die or participate in The Vampire Diaries' blood sharing to gain immortality. Perhaps the Ancestors learned a lesson from Silas and Quesia's ordeal when they allowed Esther to create vampires. In order to maintain balance and prevent the emergence of too powerful beings, a price must be paid Get paid: old life for new life; or, vampire status witch status. Therefore, this transformation at the cost of death is probably also the death of the original witch's living state of the original vampire, becoming an immortal vampire. However, this leads to the unexpected birth of werewolf-vampire hybrid Klaus, an unexpected loophole in Esther's spell.

If Death and Transformation did remove the witch status of the original vampires according to the witch rules of The Vampire Diaries, then they are not half-breeds except Klaus. Still, their status as witches may not have been entirely eliminated, but suppressed by nature and ancestors. If this is the case, then the original vampires in The Vampire Diaries may have practiced the same dark magic as Silas, who was cut off from nature, let Silas continue to practice magic. Technically speaking, the original vampire's vampire-witch hybrid status might just be untapped.

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