Titans season 4 images reveal first look at White Raven

DC series Titans has released new season 4 images, showing Teagan Croft's first full look as White Crow in the Teen Titans-inspired show.

DC's Titans has given its first full look at star Teagan Croft's updated White Crow character for season 4. Based on the Teen Titans comic team of the same name, Titans debuted on the DC Universe streaming service in 2018 before making its way to HBO Max. Titans season 4 is all about supernatural, with heroes led by Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites) battling the evil Mother Chaos (Franka Potente) and her Church of Blood. After the Titans managed to imprison the demon lord Trigon during the season 2 premiere, the villain's plan was to bring him back to Earth.

Shortly after White Raven's disappointing debut in the Titans midseason finale, Croft's new look was first fully revealed on the show's Twitter page. The hero transitions feel rushed and don't offer a clear glimpse of the new suits. The team behind the show has now revealed what the Titans have to say about the White Raven in full. The design features a cape and dress in different shades of white, a departure from the tonal style of White Raven seen in the manga and animated series. Check out the first glimpse below:

DC Titans’ White Raven Explained

DC hero's White Raven form has emerged In previous comics, it was more commonly referred to as her soul self. But audiences also saw it pop up multiple times in the Teen Titans animated show. White Raven is known to be her most powerful form. White Raven's first appearance in the Teen Titans animated series was "Nevermore", the sixth episode of the first season of Teen Titans. Raven's emotions became unbalanced, unleashing her rage during the Teen Titans' earlier battle with the villain Dr. Light. Raven decides to go into her own subconscious to sort things out, but she gets confused by a manifestation of her demon father, Trigon. Raven managed to defeat him by adding her alter ego to the form of the White Raven.

DC's live-action series tells its own version of this story, and the Titans even included the "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" ode from the cartoon in Season 4. Raven's new powers appearing in season 4 are fitting, as the show digs deeper into paranormal stories and characters. Thus, given the hero's connections to the supernatural and different planes of existence throughout her history, the raven plays an important role. This continues after the Titans' midseason finale and White Crows transformation She finally took back her power.

Will HBO Max Greenlight DC Titans Season 5?

The aftermath of Titans season 4's White Raven debut is sure to play out for the rest of the episodes, but if it happens, it could affect season 5 as well. The show may be canceled after James Gunn and Peter Safran took charge of DC Studios. Stargirl's recent cancellation has Titans on high alert. Stargirl is more universally loved than Titans, and the Nightwing-led series has been at the forefront of some controversy since its debut. As it stands, all viewers can do is tune in to Titans season 4, when the series will air Part 2 on HBO Max in 2023. Source: Titan/Twitter

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