Titans S4 Hypothesis: Superboy Is Turning Into Lex Luthor (Actually)

A modern hypothesis proposes the apparently dead Lex Luthor has ended up Superboy in Titans season 4, taking over Conner Kent’s body with his unhealthy intellect.

Warning! SPOILERS for Titans season 4.

A unused hypothesis proposes that Lex Luthor, who apparently passed on within the debut scene of Titans season 4, has found a way to restore himself and ended up Superboy, taking over the body of Connor Kent. Such bad form would be flawlessly in keeping with Luthor's character, as the criminal plan has resisted passing some time recently in numerous media and habitually controlled Superboy towards his claim closes as well. What marks Titans story as interesting, be that as it may, is the truth that its form of Lex Luthor may have turned to enchantment to achieve what his peculiar science might not.

Lex Luthor (Titus Welliver) has been a shadowy nearness within the story of Titans, being dependable for the creation of the half-human, half-Kryptonian clone of himself and Superman that took the title Conner Kent. Luthor did not show up on camera until Titans season 4, scene 1, "Lex Luthor," where he come to out to Conner and claimed that he needed to urge to know the closest thing he would ever got to a child some time recently his inescapable passing from Kryptonite harming. Whereas Lex was apparently murdered by the enchantment of Mother Mayhem and clearly kicked the bucket in Superboy's arms, one curiously hypothesis recommends that Superman's arch-nemesis isn't really dead.

Lex Luthor Is Likely Not Dead Forever In Titans S4

When Lex Luthor was apparently murdered after as it were showing up in a single scene of Titans, watchers were fast to suspect that they still had not seen the final of the celebrated supervillain.Titans showrunner Greg Walker muddied the waters by saying that "nobody's genuinely dead," some time recently uncovering (by means of TV Line) that Titans was as it were permitted to utilize Lex Luthor's character for a single scene. This has incited numerous to consider the plausibility that Titans might take after the lawful letter of the law by as it were having Titus Welliver play Lex Luthor for a single scene some time recently finding another way for Luthor to seem within the pretense of another character.

Luthor Planned To Cheat Death Using Superboy

This plausibility was raised in Titans season 4, scene 1, "Lex Luthor," when Conner Kent concurred to meet with his natural human father in private. Conner gruffly told Luthor that he knew about his enduring from deadly Kryptonite harming, which he accepted Titans' Lex Luthor as it were needed to meet with him as the preamble to abusing him for a remedy. Luthor concurred that was a "impressive thought," but he as of now knew that wouldn't work, having get to to an sufficient supply of the same hereditary fabric that driven to Conner's creation.

Lex claimed he just needed to induce to know Conner some time recently his unavoidable passing, in spite of the fact that he conceded he had initially made Conner as a implies to satisfying the one dream he might not realize, by making his child into the Superman he seem never be. Lex talked of a venture he'd been working on, saying that "passing may not be the adversary I once thought it to be," but that he would require Conner's offer assistance in managing with his accomplices. These accomplices were DC lowlife Mother Anarchy and the Church of Blood, who appeared to strike Lex down mystically at that correct minute, some time recently he seem completely clarify his arrange.

This plot line broadly taken after a story from the Superman comics, where Lex Luthor cheated passing by having his brain embedded into a clone body, after he created hopeless cancer much obliged to delayed presentation to Kryptonite. Luthor learned the difficult way that Kryptonite, whereas quickly deadly to Kryptonians, was moreover deadly to people within the long term which his trademark Kryptonite ring had slaughtered him. After faking his passing, Luthor postured as his claim child for a few a long time, most broadly amid the Passing of Superman storyline. He inevitably recovered his personality and stuck his violations on the unhinged clone "imagining" to be his child.

Superboy Embraces His Lex Luthor Side In Titans Season 4

Superboy experienced a emotional change after scarcely surviving the same enchanted assault that apparently murdered Lex Luthor, shaving his head with his warm vision within the opening scene of Titans' season 4, scene 6, "Brother Blood." Whereas Conner was distant from doltish, he had continuously imitated Superman and been more of a man of activity than a profound scholar or logical strategist. That apparently changed after his near experience with passing, as Conner rapidly took control of STAR Labs, putting them to work on his arrange to upset the Church of Blood's prescience, deleting "the dream that the moon's turning ruddy" by diverting daylight with hacked LexCorps satellites.

Superboy's clear change into Lex Luthor Jr. stressed his partners, indeed some time recently he demanded on being tended to as "Conner...Or Mr. Luthor" by STAR Labs' researchers. Conner got to be as pitiless as he had once been compassionate, attempting to persuade the other Titans that the leading course of activity was to murder Sebastian Sanger some time recently the Church of Blood had a chance to win him over and turn him into their dim savior, Brother Blood. This insensible state of mind was self-evident indeed to STAR Labs researcher and Tim Drake's unused adore intrigued Bernard Fitzmartin, who commented that "It's just, like the "Lex" side of him is taking over..."

Theory: Lex Luthor Planned To Resurrect In Superboy's Body

The thought of Lex Luthor brainwashing Superboy reviews another storyline from the Youngster Titans comics of Geoff Johns, who is one of the makers of Titans. Past Titans storylines have drawn upon Johns' work, making the plausibility of Lex Luthor turning Superboy terrible all the more likely. Tragically, as canny as Luthor is, it is hard to see how he may well be capable for Superboy's change this time, given the circumstances of his savage passing. Unless, of course, that was another portion of his evil arrange, and without a doubt a urgent portion of it.

It appears likely that Titans season 4 scholars may have mixed the storylines from the comics, with the biting the dust Lex Luthor taking over the body of a diverse clone "child," utilizing his inquire about into the Sanctuary of Azarath to encourage the change. Whereas Luthor may be a man of science to begin with and first, he has appeared a readiness to use anything instruments he can access to attain his objectives and there's small down to earth distinction between "enchantment" and the progressed science of creatures just Like the Modern Divine beings, which Luthor has misused within the comics. Given that, it appears likely that Lex Luthor may have accomplished his objective of getting to be Superman after all.

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