The X-Men Officially Ruined the Reputation of Marvel's Iconic Team

In the latest installment of Wolverine, The Beast literally ruined the X-Force's reputation in the MCU to the point that it may never be undone.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Wolverine #28

^ In the latest Marvel Comics issue of Wolverine, a canon member of the X-Men epically ruins the reputation of Krakoa's main security team, the mutant nation X-Force. Hank McCoy's Beast thought Logan was much better as an unconscious weapon, so turned Logan into his attack dog, complete with a black obedience collar. Beast effectively brainwashed Logan into his ruthless assassin in the name of "protecting Krakoa and the mutantkind". However, Wolverine can only be held in check for so long before an international brawl breaks out if he's not careful.

As seen in Benjamin Percy and Juan Jose Rip's New Wolverine #28, The Beast's pet Wolverine is overly eager on an unsanctioned assassination mission. Before Beast can turn off the cameras, Logan murders an American general who has been proposing a military strike to capture Krakoa's resurrection technology. As if Wolverine's conspicuous absence from the rest of the X-Force wasn't suspicious enough, the rest of the team had begun to notice something was amiss as The Beast's dark side developed into downright villainous behavior, secretly torturing and manipulating Wolverine, such as Logan might as well be back in the Weapon X program.

Thankfully, the living island of Krakoa itself is being teased as the one who will free Logan from the Beast's grip in future issues. Likewise, Wolverine, who seems to be the only one with the power to stop the Beast, has seen the whole picture of Hank's series of preemptive strikes against Krakoa's potential threat and no longer cares in any way about the moral implications. Plus, Beast is pretty good at covering his tracks.

Beast Has Fully Corrupted X-Force (and Wolverine)

While one would have thought that Beast's time as X-Force leader would be over after the issue was publicly exposed, Hank reversed the situation when he was summoned to a public hearing for questioning. Instead of prosecuting X-Force and Krakoa, Beast blamed the murders on the X-Desk, the secretive CIA task force for mutant affairs that was recently found to be building robotic clones of the X-Men. So despite the rampant corruption in X-Force, his lies were enough to keep the Beast clean.

It was only a matter of time before Wolverine escaped the Beast's grasp. Once that happens, there's no question he'll rush straight at Hank for more than a simple conversation. this Diamond Claws will come out. So maybe Beast will eventually be dethroned from his role leading X-Force, and Logan could be the hard work of saving the classic Marvel team. Wolverine #28 is out now from Marvel Comics.

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