The White Lotus S2 At last Clarifies Why Greg Didn’t Need Portia In Sicily

Scene 6 of The White Lotus season 2 at long last given a few answers, but one bend made a difference clarify the genuine reason Greg needed Portia out of Sicily.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The White Lotus season 2, episode 6.

^ The White Lotus season 2, scene 6 at last uncovered the genuine reason Greg didn’t need Portia in Sicily. Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) and Greg (Jon Gries) met in season 1 on excursion in Hawaii, and season 2 affirmed they got hitched at some point in between. Tragically, their contention approximately Tanya’s collaborator Portia within the season 2 debut uncovered Greg’s suspicious behavior.

Greg’s outrage when demanding Tanya get freed of Portia felt out of put. He hitched a lady who, mid-make-out, froze and tried constraining him to require her mother’s fiery debris. Greg knows who he hitched, so his penniless spouse needing her partner accessible on their get-away ought to be something he’s utilized to. Season 2 demolished Tanya’s upbeat finishing since this contention was fair the starting of Greg’s odd behavior. Greg always looked at Tanya like he was repelled by her, fat-shamed her, and was caught having a shady phone discussion. After scene 6, it’s clear Greg didn’t need Portia in Sicily since she might destroy his arrange for Tanya.

Within The White Lotus season 2, scene 2, Greg told Tanya he’d be taking off for work - on coincidentally the same day he realized Portia was still in Sicily. The night some time recently Greg cleared out, Tanya caught him on the phone saying, “Yeah, she’s clueless as normal. I’ll be domestic tomorrow; deliver you a call when I get in. All right, definitely, I cherish you too.” Once Greg cleared out, Quentin and Jack appeared up, picked up Tanya and Portia’s believe, at that point took them to their domestic. Scene 6 affirmed Tanya’s in threat since of Greg and his total commitment to Quentin, who he'd do anything for. It’s moreover suspicious that Greg said Tanya making him sign a prenup, as it were for Quentin to urge Tanya high and in a situation that will break the prenup terms.

How Is Greg Involved In Quentin’s White Lotus S2 Plan

The timing of Greg’s exit and Quentin and Jack’s entrance cannot be a coincidence. Jack is there to keep Portia possessed. Each time Tanya and Portia go with Quentin and his gather, Jack oversees to sneak off with Portia. The White Lotus season 2, scene 6 made it self-evident Jack was attempting to keep Portia absent from the party, likely since she could’ve anticipated Tanya from doing so much coke and cheating on Greg, which might make Greg and Tanya’s prenup void. Jack’s inclusion got to be clear when Tanya caught Jack and Quentin having sex since they lied approximately his relationship with Quentin to ensure Portia was inquisitive about Jack.

How Portia Could Ruin Quentin’s Plan In The White Lotus

The White Lotus maker Mike White said, “I think Sicily is the culminate put for sentiment and sexual politics.” (through HBO) White’s vision for season 2 is exceptionally show in Tanya’s storyline this season. Whether Greg and Quentin are working together to induce confirmation of Tanya cheating so he can get more cash within the division - or they’re attempting to slaughter her and take all of it - it’s clear Portia is within the way. Greg will sell out Tanya in anything course the story goes in, and it’s been foreshadowed all season long. The Testa Di Moro legend, Daphne’s comment approximately spouses murdering their spouses on Dateline, the Musical drama, and Tanya’s tarot perusing all demonstrate she is in threat. Another: Harper Is Right Approximately Cam & Daphne In White Lotus S2 (But Will It Matter?)

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