'The Walking Dead' Spinoff Showrunner Hypes 2023 With Rick Grimes Art

Rick and Michonne producer Scott Gimple uses artwork depicting Rick Grimes and a helicopter for The Walking Dead universe Universe) hyped 2023.

The Walking Dead universe is about to have a great 2023, and Rick and Michonne spin-off showrunner Scott M. Gimple is hyping it up. The Walking Dead began reigning as a cable monster back in 2010. In 2022, the zombie drama wraps up with its 11th season, ending a series that aired 177 episodes on its own while spawning multiple spinoffs, including The Walking Dead Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond and The Walking Dead Stories.

But AMC has made it clear that 2022 will not mark the end of the world of The Walking Dead, but merely a transition to a new beginning. That new beginning will kick off in 2023 with the release of three spinoffs: Dead City with Negan and Maggie, Daryl Dixon and Rick and Michonne. All this upcoming action clearly got Rick & Michonne showrunner Gimple excited, prompting him to post some Rick Grimes art on Instagram to hype what could be the biggest year in TWD history. Check out artist Melissa Duffy's work in the space below:

2023 Will Be A Huge Year For The Walking Dead

It seems odd to say a show started More than a decade ago, we are now headed for our biggest year ever. But it's hard to feel any other way after the recent Walking Dead season 11 finale, which served a dual purpose of wrapping up many of the characters' stories and serving as a springboard into the action to come. Fans couldn't help but get hyped for 2023 after the big Rick and Michonne trailer for the finale, with stars Andrew Lincoln and Dana Gurira returning after a long absence from the show.

The promise of a Rick and Michonne reunion may in itself be enough to get Walking Dead fans excited. But their spin-off also promises to shed some light on the mysterious CRM, and possibly help establish some kind of ultimate TWD universe ending. Equally exciting from a universe expansion standpoint is Norman Reedus as Darryl Dixon, which will not only bring TWD to Europe, but will also bring back the character that was featured in The Walking Dead season 11. A smarter, faster Walker variant that was briefly teased in . Daryl Dixon is also expected to bring more information about the origins of the zombie apocalypse, and may see Daryl come face to face with the man responsible for unleashing the zombies plague.

The Walking Dead: Dead City, starring Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, may seem a bit underwhelming when compared to these two epic spinoffs, as it promises more Maggie and Negan are great in their new surroundings. But Dead City has other possibilities besides promising Negan to go back to his old ways, and Maggie being put in new dangers. All in all, these three spinoffs seem to herald everything that The Walking Dead fans love: zombie action, character tension, revelations of universe expansion, and, of course, emotional reunions.

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