The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Fan Poster Brings TWD to the Eiffel Tower

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon fan poster takes TWD to the Eiffel Tower as Norman Reedus' Daryl looks forward to his next overseas adventure.

A new fan poster for The Walking Dead spinoff The Walking Dead: Darryl Dixon brings the titular character all the way from the US to France. The Walking Dead ended last fall with its series finale after 177 episodes. While the flagship show has come to an end, the series currently has several major characters set to appear in three spinoffs. In addition to Daryl Dixon, AMC is also planning The Walking Dead: Dead City and a series centered on Rick and Michonne. Next, audiences will see Daryl in a very different context, as the character's solo adventure takes place in France.

Artist Bassel Galal shared on Instagram a gorgeous Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon fan poster featuring a particular French landmark. The Walking Dead series finale sent Darryl to France, which inspired Galar's poster. The Eiffel Tower serves as the backdrop for this piece, adding an unbelievably eerie factor to the art. Check out the full poster below:

Everything We Know About The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead's series finale ends Daryl's time on the show, leaving Maggie to send him on one final mission: uncovering the wider context of the zombie apocalypse. Darryl says Saying goodbye to Carroll, who rode out on his motorcycle for his final photo of the series. Darryl's spin-off will show that France is not the same as America. During The Walking Dead season 1, Dr. Edwin Jenner of the CDC told Rick's group that he had lost contact with the outside world and was unaware of other research facilities that were functioning. However, Jenner revealed that the French scientists were the last to hold out.

Another "The Walking Dead" spin-off, The Walking Dead: Beyond, revealed that French scientists were likely behind the creation of the virus, which may have been an important reason why Darryl's spin-off filmed there. If Darryl learns that the French are connected to the virus, he might be able to find the facility that started it all and give survivors around the world the first chance in years to find a real cure for The Walking Dead zombie virus. Darryl won't be joining his friend on this mission, though Carol was originally slated to co-star in the spinoff before actor Melissa McBride left for unknown reasons. Instead, Darryl will be joined by progressive religious group member Isabel and British underground nightclub owner Quinn is played by Clemens Posey ("Essex Viper") and Adam Nagatis ("Chernobyl") respectively.

Will Daryl And Rick Meet Again On The New The Walking Dead Show?

The Walking Dead universe must reunite survivors-turned-brothers Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon. The series finale made Daryl realize that Rick was there, which he didn't know at first because Judith decided to keep it a secret from him. With Judith's The Walking Dead ending secret finally letting Daryl know the whole truth, Reedus' character eases Judith's fears that he'll leave to find Rick and never return, as Michonne did back then. While Daryl's spinoff brought the character to France, and Rick's spinoff seemed to place him in the US, there's room for the characters to reunite in the final episodes of both shows, as they must return home to The Walking Dead.

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