The Vampire Journals: The 10 Best Tweets Around Elena & Stefan

Stefan and Elena were one of the foremost well known ships from TVD, with numerous fan tweets highlighting both how sweet and tricky their relationship was.

Julie Plec's Vampire Institute has numerous fans thinking back around Plec's other hit extraordinary dramatization arrangement, The Vampire Journals, and all of its nostalgic wonderfulness. Most of the CW series' victory was ascribed to its complicated however epic sentiments, the encapsulation of which was Stefan and Elena's relationship.

Right from the pilot, Stelena produced a delicate spot within the hearts of numerous watchers with their charming bond and cute mannerisms indeed in the midst of the foremost perilous of circumstances. Whereas the moderate advancement of Delena complicated Stefan and Elena's relationship, the two still had a beneficial though complex adore right until the conclusion, with numerous fan tweets recalling their riotous sentiment a long time afterward.

Dressed For The 2022 Met Gala

The Stelena dispatch is one of the foremost well known rule sets to rise from the appear, rivaling Delena and Klaroline. In spite of the fact that Stefan and Elena may not have found their endgame within the arrangement, the couple is still broadly respected inside the fandom, as prove by this tweet.

Not as it were does it demonstrate Stelena's proceeded unmistakable quality, but it moreover reminds fans of how charming and smart the couple may well, be with their outfits, charm, and ubiquity from their 2010 Founder's Day being commendable of today's MET Occasion.

Being There For Each Other

Stefan and Elena at first required one another to recuperate and discover meaning in their lives once more, and, as a result, they shared a solid bond and undying (though advancing) adore right until the conclusion.

Whereas there are numerous best Stefan and Elena scenes that exhibit how much they implied to each other, one of the foremost excellent realizations almost their relationship is the one brought on by this tweet; whereas Stefan begun the arrangement with his monolog, Elena closes it when he can't, demonstrating once once more how solid, hint, and noteworthy their relationship was all through the arrangement.

Endgame Is Only A Reverse-Watch Away

lt;blockquote class="twitter-tweet">stelena fandom: if you watch tvd in reverse stelena is endgame— Nej (@delelunas) January 30, 2017

Shockingly for Stelena fans, once the more seasoned Salvatore came into the picture it was clear Damon and Elena were another best star-crossed couple, meaning the Stelena rule was tragically predetermined to come to an conclusion.

This tweet sets the awful however unequivocal reality that Stefan and Elena were a destined sentiment (a characterizing characteristic of their relationship), but it too reminds watchers of how sweet and beneficial their relationship was at the begin. In spite of the fact that the two didn't get to be endgame, re-watching the arrangement in reverse can take Stelena fans back to their less complex early days of consistent being a tease and unlimited, uncomplicated youthful adore.

Even The Villains Shipped Them

Stefan and Elena were one of the most elevated positioning couples within The Vampire Journals, but they weren't fair transported by watchers and Caroline alone.

Indeed a few of the series' most infamous scalawags, such as Klaus, were appeared to be fans of their adore, a reality highlighted in this silly tweet. Stefan and Elena's adore being respected not as it were by those around them but too a few of Spiritualist Falls' most exceedingly bad foes stands as another confirmation to how epic and respected their cherish was.

The "Shock" Of Season 4

Elena and Damon's will-they-won't-they continually played with the audience's sentiments additionally Stefan's. Indeed in spite of the fact that he gradually got to be well mindful his sweetheart was harboring sentiments for his more seasoned brother, the blow of Elena choosing Damon over him still came as a stun, as precisely appeared by this tweet.

Elena's selling out and Stefan's harmed got to be a urgent point in their relationship, and (in spite of the minor "sire bond" circular segment complicating things) it got to be clear that things between them as significant others stood as permanently changed.

Stefan In The Middle

Whereas there's no question that Damon got better and superior within The Vampire Journals, it's too no mystery that he was a expansive supporter to the destruction of Elena and Stefan's relationship.

In truth, a parcel of the time Damon and Elena were outrightly being a tease right before Stefan, as showcased in this silly tweet. Stefan's refusal to acknowledge Elena's self-evident move in sentiments some time recently season 4 not as it were made him complicit within the conclusion of their relationship but too emphasized how over-trusting and cavalier he was all through it. Not to say how he permitted his adore for Elena to always exceed everything else.

The Better Ship?

The Stelena vs. Delena talk about has isolated the fandom for over a decade presently and still remains a questionable address given the numerous cites that can demonstrate Elena didn't cherish Stefan or ones that demonstrate they were soulmates.

In any case, there's no question that Stefan and Elena did share a wholesome, earnest, and energetic cherish, particularly amid their introductory stages. Whereas they may have been fair as risky as Damon and Elena, this tweet highlights how the two still are considered by numerous fans to be the predominant transport.

Their Love Child

The Vampire Journals may have finished a long time prior, but its bequest remains lively through its fans and indeed the intelligent of its cast individuals, such as that appeared in this tweet.

Capturing an famous Instagram minute, the tweet offers a time when Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley reacted to Paul and Justin Bieber's famous resemblance by "affirming" he is their cherish child. It was an epic minute for Stelena fans all over, with the two demonstrating that indeed they are still on board the Stelena dispatch after all this time.

The Way Stefan Looks At Elena

In spite of the fact that there are numerous ways in which Stefan changed from season 1 of The Vampire Journals, the way he looked at Elena remained steady all through the appear, as appeared by this tweet.

Right from the pilot, Stefan was caught looking escalation at Elena which concentrated never very left, only advanced together with their relationship. No matter what season or what their status was, Stefan's strongly look continuously had a few sort of love behind it, with his continuous delicateness for Elena being a key component in their relationship.

An Epic Love Until The End

Indeed with all of their issues and harmful behaviors, Stefan and Elena demonstrated themselves to be one of the superior and most well known connections within the arrangement.

As famous by this tweet, their violent however beneficial relationship was one of the highlights of The Vampire Journals, with their story at the heart of the adventure. Not as it were did Stelena both begin and to a great extent characterize the cherished arrangement, but they moreover appeared fans what a genuinely epic adore they shared until the conclusion.

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