The Types of Dramas That Fit The Real Housewives (and the Types That Don't)

There's a lot of drama in The Real Housewives series, and most of it is pretty funny. Sometimes, though, it enters dangerous territory.

Over the years, there's been a lot of discussion surrounding the drama that took place on the Real Housewives series. As a series of reality-based shows, the women at the center of each installment have had their fair share of ups and downs. But some fights, rivalries, and rivalries are better suited to the franchise than others.

As with every reality TV show, crossing certain boundaries can lead to some pretty dangerous territory. For the most part, The Real Housewives are harmless. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have eye-popping moments that some fans feel are detrimental to larger audiences. Sometimes, franchises suffer when things get a little too real, or when insults get too out of hand and not under their belts.

Petty And Small Stuff Works On The Real Housewives

Many fans agree that some of the funniest moments on The Real Housewives series are those that are more lighthearted and less rough on the women involved. While it was a big deal at the time and did affect all parties, the Real Housewives of Atlanta's situation between Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss regarding royalties The song "Tardy For The Party" is fascinating because it tests their friendship. Viewers weren't sure if it would break. When they reunited in Season 3, the two tried to talk it out, but things didn't stay for the best.

Deep Family Issues Are Dangerous On The Real Housewives

Family has been an integral part of The Real Housewives franchise since The Real Housewives of Orange County began in 2006. Over time, the focus has shifted to more women, but the family dynamic remains to some degree. A few early examples of family involvement getting out of hand were Kim and Kyle Richards' infamous limo fight on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and the season 3 christening on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Recently, Garcelle Beauvais from RHOBH also experienced a severe social media poisoning of her son due to a problem on the show.

Superficial Shade Can Be Hilarious On The Real Housewives

Some of the more superficial, superficial shady comments - made in jest but created miniseries - are iconic and harmlessly funny. An ongoing example is Karen Sugar's continued criticism of Giselle Bryant's style choices on The Real Housewives of Potomac. this is A classic example of good "drama" from The Real Housewives, it's entertaining and entertaining, but still provokes some slight -- albeit brief and silly -- drama between the women.

Racism And Homophobia Have No Place On The Real Housewives

Perhaps the most unnecessary, dangerous, and harmful moments in the Real Housewives series are viewers' negative thinking patterns, especially regarding minorities such as the LGBTQ+ community and people of color. Such inappropriate behavior ranges from Ramona Singer's behavior at Eboni K. Williams' Black Sabbath dinner party on The Real Housewives of New York City to Mary Cosby's eyes on Jennie Nguyen or Jen Shah's "Mexican Thug" on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Comment. Racism is unacceptable on The Real Housewives and it ruins the viewing experience for fans who see these unflattering comments and behavior.

When it comes to Real Housewives drama, it's fun to consider what's funny and what's dangerous. Light-hearted comments and shady banter always look funny because they feel innocuous and surface-level. But at times, things can get a little out of hand, and the topics covered can violate the safe confines of television coverage.

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