The Owl House: Belos' Total Timeline (So Distant) Clarified

Belos is the most reprobate of The Owl House and encompasses a backstory full of privileged insights and disloyalty. Here is his total history inside the appear (so distant).

Warning: This article contains major SPOILERS for The Owl House.

Head Belos serves as the most opponent of The Owl House, and his timeline is one of the foremost captivating perspectives of the appear. Belos was as it were specified by other characters for most of The Owl House's to begin with season some time recently at last making his make a big appearance in scene 18. Since at that point, he's been a imposing adversary for Luz Noceda and her companions. In any case, the appear steadily peeled back more layers of Belos's past, uncovering that there's distant more to the Head than meets the eye.

This has made Belos's timeline one of the wealthiest stories within The Owl House. Many revelations around Belos are displayed out of chronological arrange, and a few points of interest are covered up within the foundation for no-nonsense fans to spot. When all the pieces come together, Belos's story makes him a phenomenal scalawag and includes a extraordinary bargain of legend to the appear. Some time recently The Owl House season 3 returns for its another uncommon, here's the total timeline of Head Belos so distant.

The Early Life Of Belos

"The year is 1613. Two stranded brothers arrive in Gravesfield. Their names? Philip...and Caleb." These opening words to "The Story of the Brothers Wittebane" would be recounted four centuries afterward on Halloween, one of the town's most prominent unsolved riddles. Belos was Caleb's more youthful brother, Philip Wittebane, and the two attempted to fit in with the colony town of Gravesfield by taking part in its unpleasant hones. They got to be witch seekers, instructed to despise all things enchantment and satanic.

This changed when the two met a genuine witch from another world, a lady named Evelyn. Caleb was flabbergasted by Evelyn's enchantment, and the two fell in adore, employing a mystery code to travel between universes. Philip, on the other hand, remained a witch seeker at heart. He dashed off to spare his brother and bring Evelyn to equity, but not one or the other he nor Caleb was ever seen once more.

Tragedy Strikes The Brothers Wittebane

This portion of Philip's life, and the arrange of certain occasions, is covered in puzzle. Still, brief impressions of his recollections appeared within The Owl House season 2, episode 16, "Empty Intellect," offer assistance to fill within the subtle elements. After running off to spare his brother, Philip and Caleb were caught within the Evil presence Domain. Philip too created a tremendous shape, either from a revile or through his utilization of Palismen. Caleb attempted to assist him, but tragically, the story of the Brothers Wittebane finished in catastrophe when Philip slaughtered Caleb with a cut. Whether this was Philip's choice, his reviled frame losing control, or both remains hazy, but Philip was dependable for his possess brother's passing.

Another memory within The Owl House season 2 proposes that Evelyn assaulted Philip after finding what he had done. It's possible that she crushed and stowed away any entries that Philip might utilize to induce domestic, and possibly reviled him with the glyphs seen on his arms in season 2, scene 12, "Somewhere else and Elsewhen." Anything the case, Philip was presently caught on the Bubbling Isles, with an indeed more noteworthy scorn for the witches of the Bubbling Isles.

Philip's New Life On The Boiling Isles

Presently caught within the Evil spirit Domain, Philip began recording his travel to make a entrance back to the Human Domain. This would propose that he built the entrance that Eda Clawthorne would utilize within The Owl House season 1, but the appear makes clear that Philip isn't an completely solid storyteller. He may have been attempting to reproduce a entry built by Caleb or Evelyn, and he went through a long time gathering the materials he would require.

The a long time went through on the Bubbling Isles were not kind to Philip. He battled to outlive in a world where he had no enchanted capacity, but he did in the long run find how to draw glyphs to perform certain sorts of enchantment. It took him a few a long time to find them all, and he would afterward address whether the Titan was attempting to keep them from him. Amid his a long time of inquire about, he listened legends of a effective being known as the Collector, whom Philip accepted may offer assistance with his long-term plans.

Finding The Collector (& Meeting Luz)

Philip in the long run discovered the Collector's jail, in spite of the fact that he was incapable to urge past the protections alone. He deceived a evil spirit named Blue Tooth into making a difference him, but their endeavor fizzled, and Philip was afterward assaulted by Blue Fang's brothers who came seeking out for him. Some time recently the two seem burn his diary, Philip was all of a sudden spared by a youthful young lady who utilized glyphs like him. Small did Philip know that this was Luz Noceda from long haul, who had traveled back in time with Lilith Clawthorne to memorize how Philip made a entry to the Human Domain.

Shockingly, Luz couldn't have known who Philip would inevitably ended up, and his genuine nature got to be clear when he deceived Luz and Lilith into diverting a beast whereas he recovered the Collector. Lilith afterward reimbursed Philip with a punch to the confront that would take off a scar, but Philip as of now had what he needed. With the Collector in his ownership, Philip may presently start putting his arrange into movement.

Becoming Emperor Belos

After finding the Collector, Philip made a bargain with them: the Collector would educate Philip enchantment more grounded than anybody else's and offer assistance him accomplish his plans for the Bubbling Isles. In return, Philip would in the long run free the Collector from their mysterious jail. Philip created his possess staff fueled by manufactured enchantment, and cut his ears to see more like a witch. He proceeded expending Palismen to outlive, but the impact continuously changed his voice and hair color. Still, Philip couldn't manage to be recognized after being run out of so numerous towns, so he wore a cover and changed his title to Belos.

Belos started to spread his message over the Bubbling Isles, instructing witches to dismiss wild enchantment and connect his coven framework. He moreover made clones of his brother Caleb called Grimwalkers, who would serve as his right hand, the Brilliant Protect. In spite of the fact that they served him at to begin with, each Grimwalker would inevitably deceive Belos, and after slaughtering one he would make another. In time, Belos developed solid sufficient to pronounce himself Sovereign of the Bubbling Isles.

Belos' Endgame

In spite of the fact that Belos claimed the coven framework was for the advantage of all witches, it was truly a implies of control until he may total his arrange. For the following 400 a long time, Belos and the Collector worked in mystery to plan a depleting spell, which would wipe out everybody on the Bubbling Isles who had a coven sigil. They had to hold up for the proper time for the spell to work, and so Belos ruled the Bubbling Isles with an press clench hand, managing out cruel discipline to any wild witches who denied to drop in line.

Once his arrange had been completed, he arranged on returning domestic as Philip Wittebane once again. He trusted that dispensing with a whole domain of witches and devils would gain him the title of Witch Seeker Common, in spite of the fact that he did not know how much had changed whereas he was gone. He proceeded to explore for a entrance back to the Human Domain, changing over more witches to covens and fixing his hold on the Bubbling Isles.

Meeting Luz Noceda (Again)

Inevitably, another human found herself on the Bubbling Isles, a youthful youngster named Luz Noceda. This was much appreciated to Eda Clawthorne, who presently had the entry to the Human Domain, utilizing it to discover important human treasures to offer at the showcase within The Owl House season 1. Luz become a close acquaintence with Eda, choosing to remain within the Devil Domain to ended up a witch, and the two had numerous run-ins with the Emperor's Coven.

This caught the consideration of Sovereign Belos, who needed the entrance to the Human Domain. Eda was in the long run captured by the Emperor's Coven, and whereas endeavoring to spare her coach, Luz came face-to-face with Belos for the primary time. For Belos, be that as it may, this was his moment time assembly Luz, in spite of the fact that he didn't share that with her at the time. Luz was constrained to provide Belos the entry to spare Eda, but after he let her go, she devastated the entry with fire enchantment to keep it out of his hands. Belos started modifying the entry as he proceeded looking for Titans' Blood to control it.

The Truth Revealed

Luz afterward got to be caught in Belos's intellect nearby Seeker, the current Brilliant Watch. The two worked their way through Belos's memories, constraining Seeker to memorize the truth almost the Emperor's lies and control. To his frightfulness, Seeker found what Belos had done to the past Brilliant Watches, fair some time recently the genuine Belos uncovered himself. Seeing Seeker as another disappointment, Belos endeavored to send him down into the profound breaks of his intellect, clearly succeeding.

Belos at that point turned his consideration to Luz, uncovering that he was in reality a witch seeker. Luz seem not accept that individuals might be deceived so effortlessly, and Belos responded by playing his memory of assembly Luz within the 1600s. Luz had to confront the truth: Belos was Philip Wittebane, and she had unwittingly made a difference set his plans in movement. Some time recently he might assault her, Seeker returned and put up a shield, and the two scarcely overseen to elude Belos's intellect in time. Seeker ran absent in lose hope after learning what he truly was, clearing out a shocked Luz to tell her companions what she had found.

The Day of Unity

Belos's a long time of arranging at long last came to a head with the Day of Solidarity. His devotees accepted that the ceremony would freed the world of wild enchantment for great, not knowing that the depleting spell would wipe them all out. Once the ceremony started, Belos vanished to his chambers underneath, where he wore his ancient dress and arranged to return to the Human Domain as Philip Wittebane. He at that point deceived the Collector by denying to discharge them, saying that he couldn't let them grant their enchantment to anybody else.

Luz was captured and brought some time recently Belos, and the two locked in in a witch's duel some time recently Belos picked up the upper hand. After falling flat to persuade Luz to connect him, Belos endeavored to amaze her, until she persuaded him to save her in trade for being his modern-day direct within the Human Domain. Luz inquired Belos to shake on it, branding him with a Coven sigil covered up by her imperceptibility spell. She trusted this would drive him to halt the depleting spell, but he instep changed into a creature and assaulted her once once more.

Return to the Human Realm

To spare everybody from Belos and the depleting spell, Ruler Clawthorne concurred to free the Collector from their jail. The Collector ceased Belos fair as he was approximately to slaughter Luz and her companions, at that point sent him flying into a divider. With Belos a heap of goo, Lord and the others deceived the Collector into halting the depleting spell. In spite of the fact that Belos was crushed, the Collector started making chaos, and in their elude, Luz and the others were tossed into the Human Domain with no way to return. They moreover didn't realize Belos hitched a ride through the entry.

Luz and her companions went through numerous months within the Human Domain, not knowing that Belos was lively, building his quality until he may take frame once more. Belos was in the long run able to have Seeker, coming about in a battle that claimed the life of Hunter's Palisman, Hotcake. Belos cleared out Hunter's body and utilized Titans' Blood to open a entry back to the Evil presence Domain, returning to wrap up his work as a witch seeker. Hotcake utilized the final of his vitality to spare Seeker, and after telling everybody the truth almost having made a difference Philip, Luz and her companions went through the entrance to halt Belos once and for all.

What Will Belos Do Next?

Presently that Belos has returned to the Bubbling Isles, it remains to be seen what his arrange is. Whereas he made clear that he needs to wrap up what he begun, the depleting spell as of now fizzled, so it's hazy how he plans to win. It's conceivable that Belos continuously had a reinforcement arrange, maybe including the Collector or the Titan. Indeed in spite of the fact that the depleting spell didn't murder anybody, it may have debilitated everyone sufficient to where they can't put up much of a battle. In any case, Belos has something up his sleeve and appears sure that he can accomplish it.

The Clawthorne family may too play a part in overcoming Belos. Certain prove insights that Eda may be a relative of Caleb and Evelyn since her father bears a striking likeness to Philip, and Evelyn sounds comparative to other Clawthorne names. This would clarify how Eda found the entrance behind her house within The Owl House season 2, and in the event that Belos found out the Clawthornes plummet from Caleb, he seem target them or utilize them in a few way. No matter what happens, The Owl House season 3 is beyond any doubt to shed more light on Belos's past and bring his timeline to an epic conclusion.

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