The MCU's Blade Can't Have As Many Vampires Like the Original Movie

The first Blade movie sees vampires as ubiquitous. It would be wise for the MCU's Blade movie to take a different approach.

For the MCU's Blade to really shine, it needs to have fewer vampires than the original film. The former MCU Blade film starring Wesley Snipes sees vampires as ubiquitous. Blades are often seen killing hordes of vampires rather than actual vampire hunters. It would be wise for the MCU to keep vampires more in the dark, allowing characters to operate in the shadows, and reducing the number of vampires would do just that.

With Loki, She-Hulk, and Werewolf By Night making monsters like vampire canon in the MCU, it opened the way for Blade to do what he does best. The Hunter in the Disney special presentation works behind the scenes, seemingly separate from the progression of the MCU's main storyline. This separation applies to Werewolf By Night as well as to Blade, who tends to work alone except in special circumstances. Having a few vampires infiltrate the upper echelons of society to stay hidden would not only explain their absence in other Marvel media, but also make Blade a true hunter, stalking his prey.

One Vampire Change Would Explain Where Vampires Have Been In The MCU So Far

As of now, vampires have not appeared in the MCU, but they are now known to exist. It's quite possible that with the existence of monster hunters like Elsa Bradstone, they've found a way to survive by infiltrating positions of power in various societies. Similar to how shape-shifting skeletons have infiltrated the MCU, so can vampires. It would be a huge mistake if the MCU's Blade movie featured a large number of vampires hiding in plain sight.

A recent Blade comic may have revealed how few vampires are working in the MCU. In Blade Runner: Vampire Nation, under Dracula's rule, vampires inhabit places like Chernobyl, where radiation has rendered humans uninhabitable. Before the establishment of the Vampire Nation, they were scattered, with many being the only vampires in a particular town, claiming it as a territory. The upcoming Blade movie could take a page from the comics, featuring fewer but more powerful vampires who rule their domain through infiltration from different societies.

This Vampire Change Would Make Blade A Literal Hunter

While the MCU's previous Blade films did a good job of establishing the character for mainstream audiences, making Blade an actual hunter would serve the new film better. Showing up at a packed rave and slaying dozens of vampires is certainly aesthetic, but doesn't fit the MCU's established continuity. have Fewer vampires would make Blade a true hunter and make his hunts more important. Through the jetlag association, Loki has established that vampires are on par with interstellar beings like the Kree or Titans, so giving blade a powerful single purpose builds the character and gives vampires more nuance.

Having fewer vampires also makes each vampire he hunts more unique. Some people may exhibit strengths, weaknesses, and looks that others do not. The vampires that appear in Night of the Werewolves are similar to nosferatu, the sect of vampires used in the manga. The comics feature different types of vampires with different abilities, so it's possible that Blade has access to a range of powerful vampires.

The original vampire in Marvel Comics was an Atlantean wizard named Varnai, from whom all vampire series originate. With the MCU ditching Atlantis in favor of the centuries-old Talokan, it's unlikely that Varnae will appear in this capacity. Rumor has it that Dracula will appear in the Blade movie, and he will likely play the progenitor of the vampire race as he did in previous Blade movies.

Having fewer vampires makes Blade stand out. The MCU is huge and is known for having multiple pockets that eventually intersect, culminating in a more significant movie like The Avengers. Blade's infiltration of a vampire's secret society could also lead to him intersecting with other characters, possibly even leading to an eventual collaboration with Midnight's Children. With many characters already confirmed, including Moon Knight, Elsa Bradstone, Jack Russell and Dane Whitman, Blade is the final piece of the puzzle to build the Midnight Children team. In the process, a vampire lore can be built, stripping away the monster layers in the MCU.

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