The Latest Reason Humans Hate the X-Men Is Also the Most Relevant

Humans have always hated Marvel's X-Men, but now the company has given another reason why mutants are despised: insurance.

Warning: SPOILERS for Dark Web: X-Men #2

^ Humans in the Marvel Universe hate mutants, and the X-Men have had to face persecution since the beginning of their history - but unfortunately, the latest reason why humans hate mutants is understandable in modern times. Krakoa changed the X-Men franchise, but it also changed the world. Now in Dark Web: X-Men #2, fans can see exactly how it changed one aspect of modern life: health insurance.

In the current comic continuity, Krakoa Island is the new home of the X-Men, as well as the home of all other mutants. Any mutant can apply for asylum in Krakoa, and countries around the world must abide by their decisions. That's partly because Professor Xavier struck a deal with the world in Dawn of X regarding Krakoan sovereignty: in return for recognizing the island as legitimate, Krakoa would supply the participating nations with a revolutionary drug. The drugs include drugs to treat a variety of cancers and other diseases, as well as a drug that could extend human lifespan by five years.

In Darknet: X-Men #2, written by Gerry Duggan and created by Rod Reis and Phil Noto, Darknet events bring inanimate objects Life in New York City. When a small group of mutants and humans try to stop a rampaging Christmas tree, Fudge and the rest of the X-Men gather the human survivors to the X-Men Treehouse base in Central Park. Synch announces that mutant healers are on their way from Krakoa to heal any wounded. "I don't have insurance," one woman said, to which Synch responded, "and we don't charge for our services."

While it's admirable that the X-Men don't charge for therapy services, this particular woman was clearly unaware of their Policy—and presumably no one else knows. It would be logical to assume that the Earthlings believed the X-Men would charge for their services, since they'd kept the mutant resurrection a secret for years. In a world where health insurance is terribly expensive and doctors and nurses are in short supply, humans naturally loathe any group that has both—like the citizens of Krakoa.

One More Reason For Humans To Hate Mutants: Insurance

After the events of Judgment Day, mutants on Earth decided to finally share their resurrection technology with the world, albeit in an extremely limited fashion. This is a remarkable act of generosity, but in In the eyes of many people, it is not enough. According to them, the X-Men are supposed to share their talents - which is long overdue for them to dispel the rumors, considering many believe they charge for the cure.

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