The Hulk Who Feared Bruce Banner Is Officially Returning To The Marvel Universe

Joe Fixit returns for new miniseries, fears Bruce Banner's Hulk returns as he fears his other side will prevent his comeback

Spoilers for Joe Fixit #1 by Marvel Comics

^ The Bruce Banner-scared Hulk is returning to the MCU as Joe Fichte is making a big comeback. In a new preview released by Marvel Comics for Joe Fixit #1, Gray Hulk talks to the Kingpin, making his voice and dominance known as the well-dressed monster teased as being in Las Vegas with gangsters Working muscles.

In the new preview for Joe Fixit #1 (from Multiversity Comics) by Peter David, Yildiray Cinar, Dee Cunniffe, Matt Milla, and VC's Ariana Maher from Marvel Comics, Hulk's gangster form was last seen in Immortal Green The Giants are back. Joe Fixit and the Hulk are fresh again in the upcoming miniseries. In the pages, the Kingpin tries to strike a deal with a mobster after a crime syndicate gets them in trouble. However, when the gangsters told Kingpin Fixit had helped take them out, the former New York mayor lost control and smashed a table, bringing Gray Hulk to his grand entrance.

The relationship between Joe Fixit's Hulk and Bruce Banner has always been tense. In Peter David's original Joe Fixit storyline Like Joe Purves, the Hulk made a deal with the wizard after saving him, casting a spell that exiled Bruce Banner. The Hulk takes on the new role of Joe Fixit as a lawman in Las Vegas, working at a casino where he's trying to make a living of his own. However, with Banner finally returning, Fixit's worst fears finally come true. Now, Gray Hulk is making a splash in a new comic book, and the beloved Hulk character is returning.

Can Joe Fixit Escape Bruce Banner And Continue His Rule in Vegas?

Peter David will continue Joe Feicht's Hulk story in a new miniseries, as some familiar faces, including Spider-Man and Kimpin, will play key roles in the upcoming Gray Hulk adventure. Check out the Marvel Comics text preview for Joe Fixit #1 below.

While the Hulk's Joe Fixit form and persona may now be in control, Bruce Banner may once again be fighting to regain the power of the (former) Emerald Hulk. Can Banner defeat the Hulk who fear him? Or can Joe Fixit rein in Banner and continue his crime-filled Vegas adventure? Readers will find out more when the Hulk returns in Marvel Comics' Joe Fixit #1, which will Comic book store next Wednesday.

Peter David’s tour de force through some of his greatest Hulk hits continues with a return to JOE FIXIT! Gone are the ripped-up shorts of the Hulk of yore – this enforcer prefers the slick suave of a striped suit, and the Hulk has traded in “monster” for “mobster” as he lends his strength to the Las Vegas casino scene. Of course, the Kingpin has his own ideas about who the toughest guy in town is, and it’s up to Spider-Man to keep the two of them from destroying Sin City!

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