The first missing Matilda character from the 2022 musical

The Netflix musical Matilda features most of the main characters from Roald Dahl's original book and original film. However, one key figure is missing.

Roald Dahl's musical Matilda is missing a key character. The 2022 musical adaptation of Roald Dahl's famous children's book is in many ways a faithful rendition of the source material, as the main story follows Matilda as she travels to Crunchem to meet Lashana Lynch) and helps her overthrow Miss Trunchbull (Emma Thompson). The development of Matilda's magical abilities is also reserved for the adaptation. Still, the addition of music is an example of how the musical Matilda differs from the original book and the 1996 film.

The cast of Matilda the Musical is one aspect of the musical that is both faithful and distinctive. Alisha Weir's Matilda Wormwood stars in this Netflix original film, featuring a fresh take on characters many of those familiar with the story will recognize. Viewers will meet Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood, as well as fellow students such as Lavender and Bruce Bogtrotter. Matilda the Musical also helped introduce some new characters, such as Mrs. Phelps, the librarian. The film has nearly every character expected, except for one missing from Roald Dahl's musical "Matilda."

Matilda’s Brother Mike Wormwood Isn’t In Matilda The Musical

The most surprising change comes from Matilda The musical is the departure of Matilda's brother, Mike Wormwood. Played by Brian Levinson in the 1996 original film, Michael Wormwood's character disappears entirely in the musical Matilda. The older brother appears in Dahl's book and even in the stage musical adaptation that inspired the Netflix film, so his absence was quite unexpected. Mike Wormwood's absence from the 2022 film leaves a hole in the family.

What makes Michael Wormwood's absence from the musical Matilda even more surprising is how the film turned him into a joke. The film makes it clear repeatedly that Mr. Wormwood wants a boy. He initially shows up at the hospital with a boy balloon and denies the fact that Matilda is a girl. So far he's pretty much only mentioned Matilda as a boy, much to the confusion of her and others. Of course, if Matilda the Musical followed the source material, Mike Wormwood would have been born and Mr. Wormwood's wish would have been granted.

Why Mike Wormwood Was Cut From Matilda The Musical

The removal of Mike Wormwood from Roald Dahl's musical Matilda appears to be a result of the film's change of focus. this The 2022 film adaptation spends far less time on Mr. Wormwood's crimes, which Michael also took part in, and instead focuses on Matilda's story. Keeping Matilda's brother out of the Netflix musical allows her to spend more time with the stories Matilda sees in her head and her experiences at school. Since Michael Wormwood was only a secondary villain in the film, he was cut from Roald Dahl's musical "Matilda," allowing the film time to tackle the musical and flesh out the more important story. Role.

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