The Best New Horror Comics of 2022

2022 has no shortage of great horror comics, and here are Screen Rant's picks for the year's best new releases!

In a year filled with some of the best comics in recent memory, 2022 brought fans some of the most memorable horror comic debuts. The horror genre has always played a big role in the comic book world. Their popularity in the 1950s with EC comic anthologies such as Tales From the Crypt and Vault of Horror created the controversial Comics Code Authority, which heavily influenced the industry. Then, after the revision of the CCA in the early 1970s, the genre exploded in popularity as creators were able to explore the limits of what horror could achieve in the pages of comic books. Today, there are countless new and ongoing horror comics that satisfy fans' cravings for something scary. Here are the top picks for the best new horror comics to start the year.

The Vineyard - Brian Hawkins & Sami Rivela - AfterShock Comics

Comic book publisher AfterShock sadly ended 2022 after filing for bankruptcy in December, but they're not leaving without an incredible new horror story. The Vineyard follows a Virginia family who run an obscure winery. In order to maintain the harvest, they must sacrifice four people each year in the name of the gods Dionysus. It's a classic tale of sacrifice and murder that made films like The Wicker Man so popular. But the twist comes from within the family rather than from an outsider's point of view, a twist that makes it a riveting tale of grappling with toxic traditions. Mixing just the right amount of gruesome violence and well-written character dynamics, Vineyard is not to be missed.

Night of the Living Cat - Hawkman & Mecha-Roots - Seven Seas Entertainment

Switching to the comic book world, Night of the Living Cats is a whole new twist on the classic zombie apocalypse formula. Zombies are one of the most popular monsters in fiction, as it is believed that the greatest horrors are those of the mind that used to be someone's friends and family. As the world goes through a pandemic where people are turning into cats, this new take on the sub-genre gives it a fluffy twist. However, biting or scratching won't hurt them. Just petting them or being nuzzled by their adorable heads makes them a treasure trove. It's a hilarious way of approaching a classic zombie story, highlighted by protagonist Kunagi as a man who must battle every cat lover's instincts Want to pet these adorable scary animals, or become one yourself. Fans of zombies don't want to miss this.

Creepshow - Paul Dini, Steve Langford, John McCrea and many more - Image Comics

The Creepshow series is a series that has seen several iterations on the big and small screens as a tribute to classic EC comics. In 2022, however, the series is actually inspired by a brand new horror anthology comic of the same name, hoping to realize the show's terrifying potential. result? This is a perfect adaptation with a story that lives up to its name. Featuring an all-star cast of writers and artists to spread fear, Creepshow's five consecutive installments are filled with stories that are sure to scare countless fans, all while maintaining the fun that made movies and TV shows so popular.

Sgt. Rock vs. the Army of the Dead - Bruce Campbell & Eduardo Risso - DC Comics

World War II-era zombies are some of the most famous forms of the undead, as illustrated by the popular Call of Duty series. Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell wanted to give his take on the trend, and a tribute to DC fan Sgt. Rock and Undead Army. This very funny zombie story follows a group of soldiers who find Fight yourself against a deadly new breed of Nazis. As the war drew to a close, Adolf Hitler and his cohorts began using the serum to resurrect their dead in hopes of turning the tide of the war. This leaves Sgt. Locke and company fight off their new enemy to prevent a Nazi resurgence that could make the world the worst. This story by Bruce Campbell and artwork by Eduardo Risso is a comic that knows the fun of zombie stories and rolls with it, making it a roller coaster that fans will want to get on as soon as possible.

The Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator: Necronomicon Rising - Erik Burnham & Eman Cassallos - Dynamite Comics

Speaking of Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell, his most famous character, Ash Williams, returns this year in this year's excellent crossover with Re-Animator. This sequel to the 2006 original mash-up follows Ash on a quest to find the Re-Animator when he learns he has mastered an ancient evil that could usher the world into a new Dark Age. As it turns out, that evil is none other than the evil Ash from the cult classic Dark Legion film. This sets the stage for Ash's ten-year battle Face not just one, but two evil forces who are out to resurrect the dead and cause chaos wherever they go. It was a big event for fans of the Evil Dead and Re-Animator franchises, one that perfectly summed up what made those series so popular and added to their established lore.

Slumber - Tyler Burton Smith & Vanessa Cardinali - Image Comics

Image's new comic brings a whole new meaning to the term Dream Warrior. The story follows a private eye/dream mercenary named Stetson who runs a business that helps people escape their nightmares. Instead of traditional therapy, however, she runs an experimental program where she enters her clients' dreams and literally kills whatever is bothering them while they sleep. However, she soon finds herself confronting a dream demon far scarier than Freddy Krueger, as they have real people to sleepwalk and murder for them. Slumber is an impressive horror-fantasy series that blends stunningly fantastical dream sequences with genuine tension to create a unique horror story not to be missed.

These are just a few of the year's best horror movies. Some of the top honorable mentions include Image Comics' other Impressive anthology series After School, Juan Doe's Spectro and the sci-fi horror adaptation Hexware, which just debuted in December. After a landmark year for the genre, 2023 has a lot to look forward to, but if it can match the quality of 2022, horror comics will find themselves in the best shape since The 50s.

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