The Best Amazon Prime Original Movies of 2022

Throughout 2022, Amazon has released a slew of fantastic Amazon Original movies on Prime Video. Here are the best Amazon Original movies to watch right now.

In 2022, Amazon Prime Video is adding a ton of great movies to its ever-expanding catalog of Amazon Originals. Amazon Prime Video may not be able to match the streaming giant Netflix in terms of subscribers, but it still has a lot of great movies to offer viewers. From superhero action flicks like The Samaritan to ensemble comedies like The People We Hate at the Wedding, Amazon Prime Video offers Amazon Original movies in all different genres.

As such, this list includes Amazon Originals of all genres coming to Prime Video in 2022, including their best documentaries as well as their greatest fictional offerings. It includes some of the most popular Amazon Originals available on Prime Video, as well as some lesser-known titles available on the streaming service. With that said, here are the 10 best Amazon Prime Original movies of 2022: House in a Fictional Ivy League School. Bishop and freshman Jasmine (Zoe Renee) are both killed by a Ghosts on campus. Unfortunately, the movie struggles with its overtly scary sequences. They're not that scary at all. However, the scene where Bishop and Jasmine are subjected to a barrage of micro-attacks is well-targeted and suitably hard to watch. The Master's Ending also never quite pulls together all themes it seeks to explore, but Hall's performance is one to watch.

10/10 Master

My Cop is a disappointingly underwhelming but beautifully shot period romance. Set in the picturesque town of Brighton on England's south coast in the 1950s and 1990s, My Cop follows a policeman (Harry Styles), his wife (Abby the Crown) A complicated love triangle between Emma Corrin) and his lover (David Dawson), at a time when homosexuality was illegal. Both Corrin and Dawson are excellent, and while Styles is better here than in the disastrous Don't Worry Darling, he's still pretty awkward. My Cop is absolutely brilliant, though, thanks to cinematographer Ben Davies, who also shot Martin Macdonald's Enisherin this year.

9/10 My Policeman

Something From Tiffany's plays like a Hallmark Christmas movie with more charm, better acting, and a breakdown. Produced by rom-com superstar Reese Witherspoon, many "Something From Tiffany's" falls on the shoulders of star/executive producer Zoey Deutch (Not Cool), who effortlessly delivers an enjoyable lead performance reminiscent of other genre legends. The plot about temporary amnesia and engagement ring and present mix-ups is as silly as it is funny. No one can accuse Tiffany of something original, but it succeeds with great chemistry between the leads.

8/10 Something From Tiffany's

A film with a twist ending is a matter of life and death in its execution. Unfortunately, Don't Let Me Go's brutally twisty ending does little to spoil what was a stellar first hour and a half. John Cho stars in the equally tortuous Searching here as a terminally ill father determined to reunite his daughter (Mia Isaac) with her estranged mother. Isaac and Cho are terrific here, working hard on a familiar set of road trip movie tropes with seemingly endless charm. While Don't Let Me Go's twist does subvert its more clichéd territory, it unfortunately feels cheap emotionally. Fortunately, the central acting is so good that the ending hardly matters.

7/10 Don't Make Me Go

Thirteen Lives, Ron Howard's dramatization of the Tham Luang cave rescue, technically impressive but nowhere near his previous attempts Dramatize real-life events, such as Apollo 13. The eerily accurate Thirteen Lives also took a hit; the story has already been filmed by the Free Solo directorial team in their excellent film The Rescue. The production design and underwater cinematography of Thirteen Lives are excellent, and the cast is impressive, although the film did receive criticism for not focusing on the stranded Thai football team instead It was to focus on the white divers who rescued them.

6/10 Thirteen Lives

Goodnight Obie, co-produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, effectively captures his more family-friendly films like E.T. The incredible story of two Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, whose 90-day missions turned into 15 years. Good Night Oppy depicts the rovers through CG animation, clearly reminiscent of WALL-E, considering​​ to the image of a cute robot in a desolate wasteland. Angela Bassett (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) is an excellent narrator, insightful and enthusiastic as the talking leader for NASA scientists.

5/10 Good Night Oppy

Game of Thrones' Bella Ramsey stars in the charmingly irreverent comedy Catherine Called Birdy, directed by Girls' Generation's Lena Dunham. Ramsey as Birdy , a 14-year-old girl with a strong will Stop her father (Andrew Scott) from attempting to marry her off to regain the family fortune. In a series of hilarious pranks, Bertie chases away all potential suitors until one arrives and is mesmerized by her antics. The cast is boisterous, especially Fleabag's Andrew Scott, while Catherine Called Birdy keeps her tone playful. This is one of the funniest comedies of the year.

4/10 Catherine Called Birdy

It's Always Sunny's Charlie Day and Everything Everywhere All At Once's Jenny Slate star in the charmingly mischievous rom-com I Want You Back. Slate and Day star as a duo of recently dumped strangers who team up to sabotage their ex's new relationship. Their determination leads to a series of hilarious accidents, including Slater having to act in the middle school musical Little Shop of Horrors and Day being forced to jump from a balcony into a hot tub. Slate and Day have fantastic chemistry with each other and are well supported by a stellar ensemble cast including Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez and Top Gun: Maverick's Manny Jacinto.

3/10 I Want You Back

Emergency starts off as a politically minded but hilarious comedy that turns into one of the most tense thrillers of the year. this The film tells the story of three college students (two black and one Latino) who find a white teenage girl unconscious in their dorm room. Not knowing how she got there, they decided not to call the police in order to avoid being a victim of police brutality through misunderstanding. Emergency has an excellent cast, led by RJ Cyler and Donald Elise Watkins, and a hilarious script. Urgent does an excellent job of going both comic and thrilling.

2/10 Emergency

Amy Poehler's incredible documentary about the lives of legends Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz really captures them talent, unlike Aaron Sorkin's inaccurate drama "Being the Ricardos." Poehler expertly mixes archival recordings, some of which have never been released before, with assorted luminaries such as Ball and Arnaz's children Bette Midler and Carol Burnett. Lucille Ball's Most Fascinating Observation From Amy Poehler's Best Amazon Prime Original Movie of 2022 'Lucy and Desi' Doubt your own talent constantly. Yet her lingering legacy on female comedians such as Poehler and Burnett made it clear that Ball's suspicions were entirely unfounded.

1/10 Lucy and Desi

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