The 10 Most Powerful Characters Shuri Has Fighted In Marvel Comics

Shuri may not have the resume of her brother T'Challa, but she's no slouch when it comes to battling numerous threats across the Marvel Universe.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has the daunting responsibility of crafting a thankful farewell to Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther incarnation Thankfully, they seem to have made the right decision promoting Shuri as the new Black Panther. Not a replacement, but just a legacy to be maintained.

Shuri in the MCU may be inexperienced, but the comic version of the character is not. In the pages of Marvel, Shuri is a battle noble, unafraid of the fights her brother would jump into. These Marvel characters have experienced the wrath of the Queen of Wakanda firsthand.

Savage Land Dinosaurs

In the first few weeks of taking over the Panthers, Shuri was rightfully nervous about the responsibility. In order to calm down, her brother told her that she should not stress too much and take some time off at a leisure place in Savage Land.

Yes, for the regular family members of T'Challa, a trip to a savage land infested with dinosaurs, where everything and everyone tries to kill them, is a vacation spot. That's where the awesome footage of Shuri kicking down a dinosaur comes from.

The Hand

The Ninja Clan Daredevil, known as "The Palmist," may be one of the worst Daredevil villains in the eyes of many, but it's important to remember that they're still some of the top assassins in the world. They just happen to be up against the real Superman, and few are more superhuman than Shuri in vibranium, running through The Hand like water.

Her anger at The Hand attacking the sacred palace is palpable. While her mask hides her rage, her claws and spear make up for it with her fierce swing. Not even T'Challa likes fighting an angry Shuri.


Ohyaku is a cyborg equipped with a vibro-mesh suit. This allows her to go head-to-head with Wakanda's military and, in theory, Black Panther himself. In fact, traces of the heart-shaped grass have been incorporated into the mesh suit, further bringing the distance between her and Shuri closer.

Despite this, Ohyaku was actually roughed up by Shuri. Her cyber suit doesn't match the innate violent tendencies that Shuri displays. Even when she teamed up with Rhino to take revenge on Shuri, things went as bad as expected.

Vibranium Androids

one of the most impressive In a feat that showcased Wakandan's training and technological prowess, Shuri wiped out the magical adamantium droids of an enemy force. With her Wakanda spear, she effortlessly destroys the largest melee fighters in the opposing army.

Not only is shooting down what is essentially a mini-destroyer impressive, but it also shows how much better Vibranium technology is than most other things in the MCU. Only legendary metals like Uru (the material of Mjolnir) can stand against refined Vibranium.


Crowe and his rotating team of villainous mercenaries are among Wakanda's most stubborn enemies. A controversial arms dealer and known enemy of the Avengers. His cybernetic enhancements and deep knowledge of Wakanda's culture and geography make him a formidable foe, even for Shuri's older brother.

However, she manages to surprise Klaw by not being quite the same as her more tactical brother. Klaw's death sound is a scream powerful enough to make most people faint, but only brings Shuri to one knee. Enough for Shuri to start turning the tide.

Radioactive Man

This feat is impressive because Suri did it before she had Black Leopard cloak. When she's cornered by the Radioactive Man, Shuri throws caution to the wind and scuffles the virulent villain. Out of the blue, a swing and radioactive man suddenly fails.

Radioactive Man is also a Thunderbolts veteran, so grabbing him without his knowledge is impressive enough in itself. Possessing the power and speed to effectively knock him out, however, is another matter.


Daredevil is widely regarded as one of the best unarmed fighters in the entire Marvel Universe. In fact, he's so devoid of any real physical superpowers. When one considers that the companies he owns tend to be super powerful, it makes his gift all the more apparent.

Shuri experienced first-hand the fighting skills of the devil from Hell's Kitchen while visiting Wakanda. They sparred briefly, with Shuri managing to keep up with the seasoned vigilante. The fight puts them evenly matched, and that alone showcases the martial arts that Shuri possesses.


Again, Shuri is anxious about her brother. Even if it was her own test, she failed the test of the Leopard God. In desperation, she looked for the strongest enemy She could, and it took her directly to Moron. Their battle was as fierce as one could imagine.

Morlun is essentially an energy vampire, capable of draining the life force of any living thing. It took a great deal of courage and zeal for Shuri to survive the battle against Morlun. However, Shuri's change of attitude was rewarded by the Leopard God. This is the moment she truly becomes Black Panther.

Proxima Midnight

Proxima Midnight is one of Thanos' most ruthless and efficient assassins. Being trusted enough by Thanos to be a muscle speaks volumes about how threatening Proxima Midnight is. Suri understood this when she finally met the Cosmic Butcher.

Although Shuri fought valiantly, she lost her battle with Proxima Midnight. It's not so much about burying Shuri as a manga hero, but more about proving just how dangerous Proxima Midnight can be. It was the first real loss the young Panthers actually got.


Like Wakanda Forever, Namor and Shuri didn't exactly start out on the best terms. They are proud nobles They firmly believe that they are protecting their respective homes, so conflicts between the two are inevitable. In the comics, it's definitely more malevolent.

Shuri was tricked into thinking Namor was responsible for her brother's actions, so she developed a special vibranium suit that could withstand the might of Atlantis. Despite the odds, the far less experienced Shuri went head-to-head with the Kaiju powerhouse, but their battle was halted before a clear victor could be settled.

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