The 10 Darkest Backstories of Twilight Characters

While The Twilight Saga was supposed to be a supernatural romance, characters like Alice and Rosalie had backstories better suited to a horror film.

Next year will mark the 15th anniversary of the release of the first Twilight Saga movie, and while it was heavily criticized at the time, the Twilight Saga revival on TikTok shows the importance of returning to the series. Especially for teenage girls and young adult women, Twilight is the foundation of their understanding of romance, and they are often criticized for it.

While most people know The Twilight Saga as a romance series, it can actually get pretty dark at times. This is especially true when it comes to the backstories of vampires, many of the men have violent pasts and the women have tragic pasts. It is important to critically review this cultural phenomenon because, like so many properties aimed at women and young girls, it can be easily overlooked. Many of the characters have suffered horrific traumas, and those backstories are important.

Bree Tanner

The central character of the novella "Brie Tanner's Brief Second Life" depicts the painful lives many women in the Twilight saga took for granted. Bree's father abused her and her mother and killed them when she was a child. She was briefly homeless when she finally ran away from him Forced to join Victoria's army. She surrendered, but was tortured to death anyway.

In many ways, Bree represents the ultimate innocent. She's been a victim her whole life and just wants to be safe. The sheer brutality of her backstory and eventual fate suggests that innocence cannot survive in the Twilight universe.


Benjamin was a member of the Coven of Egyptian Witches, although his relationship with them was strained. As a child, Benjamin was orphaned and adopted by an uncle who took advantage of his abilities. A vampire named Amon killed his uncle, kidnapped and transformed him, then held him captive for five years. Benjamin eventually escapes and finds the woman he loves, but returns with her to Amon's care.

Benjamin was seen as a pawn in a larger conflict between the Volturi and the Egyptian Coven. When he chose to fight alongside the Cullens, he proved he knew his strengths, but continued to side with Amon, and fans had to question whether he had Stockholm Syndrome.

Leah Clearwater

Though Jacob called her "The Harpy" because she was distraught by tragic injustice In this case, Leah Clearwater is a sympathetic character. After a committed relationship with her for three years, Sam Yuley disappeared for two years, returned behaving strangely, and promptly left her for her cousin. Leah then transformed into her wolf form, killing her father and forcing her to join Sam's pack.

Leah puts up with every negative aspect of being a werewolf for absolutely no good. She loses the man who claims to love her, and is then forced to establish a telepathic connection with him to make her obey his orders. She also questions her worth as a she-wolf, and her worth as a barren woman, which is heartbreaking. While her tragedy was less extreme than the others, it was just as poignant.


For one of the most powerful vampires in history, Marcus has a surprisingly bad backstory. He falls in love with Didyme, Aro's sister, who has the ability to make everyone around her happy. They decided that Volturi was not what they wanted, but when they were about to leave, Aro killed Didyme and used the power of another vampire to force Marcus to remain loyal to him for thousands of years.

while The story may seem underwhelming compared to the trials many other characters face, but it shows just how villainous Aro really is. There's some truth to his quarrel with the Cullens, but his treatment of his so-called friends shows how little Aro values ​​free will.


Many fans know Esme only as Carlisle's wife and the "mother" of the Cullen family. However, her backstory is explored in the official illustrated guide, which is crucial to understanding who Esme is. Her husband abused her and she had to flee to protect her baby - who died two days after birth. After losing everything, she attempted suicide and was not rescued until she was taken to the morgue.

This seems like very relevant information, especially considering that Esme chose to help Bella bear her child, as she too had given her life out of love for her child.


Nahuel is one of the only hybrids in the world and the only known male hybrid. But while Renesmee was born for love, Nahuel was born for weapons. He killed his mother at birth and bit his aunt, making her his life partner. In his opinion, His mother is the angel he kills, and his father is the monster he tries to be.

If Renesmee shows the good in both humans and vampires, Nahuel has to blame himself for the bad. Like Hope Mikaelson in The Originals and Legacies, he thought he was a mistake that brought death to all he loved, and while he was able to heal some self-hatred after meeting Cullens, it was hard to undo 150 years of Hate feels guilty only in one encounter.


Victoria is one of the main villains of the Twilight series, but her history is poor. She and her sister grew up as servants in their father's house and were often abused. They escaped and her sister became a sex worker before disappearing, forcing Victoria into captivity and then homelessness. Her sister eventually returns and transforms into Victoria, and their witches are slaughtered by the Volturi as a result.

If Victoria had been in a different series, she might have been a more popular character, as villains with tragic backstories gained a lot of fans on TVD. Victoria has been on the defensive all her life, when She finally fought back, and she was portrayed as evil.

Alec And Jane

Alec and Jane are senior members of the Volturi family in The Twilight Saga, but have a rather horrific past. Over a thousand years before the events of the series, they were born with psychic abilities. In response to these abilities, they were accused of being witches and burned at the stake. Ah Ro saves them, but not before they feel the pain of being burned alive.

The twins turned around when they were about 12 or 13, so they were forever stuck in the minds of kids who knew nothing but pain. This then manifests itself through their powerful gifts. While they both seem to take pleasure in torturing and killing as they please, their backstories make it clear just how little life they've been able to experience.


Rosalie's backstory may be the most famous, but fans may not remember how brutal it was. Rosalie's fiancé and his friends physically and sexually assaulted her shortly before the wedding, leaving her to die in the street. As a vampire, she responds by brutally torturing and killing every man who hurts her.

In many ways, Rosalie is a classic example of a revenge movie The heroine was first hurt by the men she trusted, and then made them pay the price. But doing so doesn't make her feel better, instead she's stuck in a life where she can never have the human things she wants. Although Rosalie is a generally unlikable character, her death and vampire-like life are tragic.


Although Alice is one of the more upbeat characters in the series, she has a horrific past. She foresaw her own mother's murder but was unable to prevent or avenge it. Her father tried to kill her and succeeded in trapping her in a mental institution where she lost her memory. She was cared for by a worker, but he died protecting her from James. When she becomes a vampire, she loses more of her memory, leaving a blank slate, more affected by her influence on the future than the past.

In fact, the fan-favorite Alice didn't actually exist as a human. The girl who lived only in pain died because of what others did to her, and a completely different person was born. This complicates the idea that Bella might be the same person people before and after the transition.

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