Superman named a Justice League hero even though he didn't like it

Superman doesn't speak ill of his fellow heroes, but even Iron Man has to admit he's not a fan of one of the Justice League members.

While Superman always tries to see the best in people, including his fellow heroes, even Iron Man admits he doesn't get along with his fellow Justice League heroes. In DC Comics' Green Lantern/Superman: The Green Flame Saga, Kal-El reveals that he finds Oliver Queen's Green Arrow "a little raw," which is as much disapproval as the hero expresses.

In Green Lantern/Superman: Green Lantern/Superman: The Legend of the Green Flame by DC Comics' Neil Gaiman, Mike Allred, Terry Austin, Todd Klein, and Matt Hollingsworth, Superman and Green Lantern are at length After catching up. When Superman asked how Green Arrow, one of Green Lantern's closest friends before, was doing, Hal Jordan told Superman that they were still negotiating terms. Kal-El spontaneously told his fellow heroes that he never "really got along" with Oliver Queen, calling the Justice League members "rude." The conversation ends up being a rare moment where Superman talks about another hero -- albeit in the least confrontational way imaginable.

Superman Doesn't Often Admit His Real Thoughts On His Fellow Heroes

This moment represents something readers don't often see in Superman, as he always sees the best in people, including his fellow Justice League heroes, and rarely speaks out or speaks ill of them. However, given Arrow's gruff personality, Superman has to point out that he never really got along with Oliver Queen and found his character abrasive. Also, the conversation showed how much Kal-El trusted Hal Jordan, as he was willing to confide in him how he really felt about the Arrow.

Superman doesn't often share his frustrations with heroes or villains, but Iron Man has previously admitted that he hates several villains in addition to his fellow Justice League members. He specifically summons Ultraman from Earth-3 as he expresses his anger at his evil doppelganger's tyrannical behavior. Superman also called out Marvel's Galactus, sharing his dislike for planet-destroying villains - a blow to the hero, since his own home planet, Krypton, was destroyed.

Despite finding Arrow annoying, Superman put aside any personal grievances or annoyances with the hero in the name of protecting the world and being a team. Still, Superman admits he's not a huge fan of his fellow Justice League heroes, proving that even Iron Man doesn't get annoyed with his teammates in the DC universe - even if it takes a lot of time Be on his bad side.

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