Supergirl just misrepresented the full meaning of her symbol

In the latest installment of DCeased: Clash of the Immortals, Superman's logo has been corrupted by a Kryptonian that Clark and Jon have never met: Supergirl.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #5

^ DCeased is one of DC Comics' darkest alternate realities, and Supergirl makes it even worse as she finally reveals herself to Clark Kent's Superman and his son Jon for the first time. Kara Zor-El was sent to this new Genesis in this alternate universe instead of Earth, and thus never got to her cousin. Likewise, her journey is much longer, and when she lands, New Genesis has been infected by the corrupt Anti-Life Equation, which is slowly turning the entire universe into lifeless zombies. Now, in this new installment, Kara, who has a truly twisted reputation in this horror version of the DC Universe, meets Clark and Jon at the same time.

In Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine's new DCeased: Battle of the Undead Gods #5, Earth's heroes have developed a cure for the Anti-Life infection and want to heal as much of the world as possible. However, the Guardians of Oa have stipulated that no Green Lantern can help with this mission, believing the world has been lost to the zombified Darkseid, who recently became the Yellow Lantern after killing Sinestro. He also leads an army of zombies The New Gods and the Undead Supergirl. However, some Green Lanterns choose to ignore the Guardians and join other Earth heroes to help save the Kilowog homeworld. However, both Clark and Jon's Superman were shocked by the debut of Zombie Supergirl, whom they had never seen before. Also, this issue confirms that due to Kara's path of death and destruction throughout the universe, the sigil of the El family has truly become perverted. For countless worlds, the classic "S" now represents the furthest from hope.

Sadly, Supergirl never got the chance to be a hero in this version of the DC Universe. From the moment she landed in New Genesis, she was overwhelmed and infected by a horde of new, undead gods, as seen at the start of this new series. Kara thus becomes an extremely powerful and deadly part of Darkseid's movement to infect the entire universe, while corrupting the symbol of Superman by turning it into a symbol of extreme fear.

Supergirl's First Meeting With Superman Is So Much Darker In DCeased

The rest of this issue focuses on Mr. Mxyzptlk trying to save the universe from Darkseid. However, the Cosmic Imp infected himself instead and became corrupted Green Lantern John Stewart and Kilowog were brutally killed before destroying the Legion's central power battery. Now, the Wraith has been unleashed, allowing the Legion to move on while encountering the fifth-dimensional imps in battle. So it looks like Zombie Supergirl's showdown with Clark and Jon will be saved for the next installment of DCeased.

Since Earth's heroes hold the cure for the corrupted Anti-Life Equation, it's possible that Supergirl will be saved in future issues. After all, three Kryptonians are better than two, and the universe has a much better chance of surviving, not to mention their symbol and everything it stands for will eventually be redeemed. DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #5 is out now from DC Comics.

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