Summer House fans think Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover have broken up

Summer House star Paige DeSorbo and Southern Charm's Craig Conover have sparked breakup rumors after posting pictures of their solo vacation on social media.

Summer House fans recently speculated that Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover could appear together on the network's seasonal shows "Summer House" and "Winter House" announced its withdrawal. Page and Craig each became reality TV stars on their respective Bravo shows before meeting online and teaming up on TV. After years of friendship, the Southern glamor entrepreneur and New York fashionista started dating in fall 2021. Most recently, fans got a glimpse of their relationship on Winter House season 2 as they moved in together for the first time and discussed their next move. While Craig has been candid about his desire to marry Paige, Paige seems more cautious, discussing her fears of Craig with friends during the televised snow vacation.

Page showed photos of her celebrating Christmas on social media, brazenly captioning the Instagram post, "Naughty and nice". The series of photos featured striking outfits and elaborate decor, but her boyfriend Craig was especially missed. Fans raved about the reality star's gorgeous holiday aesthetic, but were curious that Craig wasn't in the photo. Many people questioned where the Pillow and Beer co-hosts were in the comments and asked if The two are still together. Craig also posted vacation photos on his Instagram, none of which included Page; the posts instead boosted his Sewing Down South business.

Craig Conover Responds To Paige DeSorbo's Holiday Instagram Post

In her post, the Giggly Squad co-host can be seen posing in front of various Christmas decorations in a skintight black knitted sweater and micro matching shorts suit, sheer black leggings and classic white heels. In other images, the Summer House fashionista is seen wearing a festive red mini dress with silver jewelry and black heels. Craig did open up about his presence the day after Paige's post, jokingly referring to her tiny shorts in the comment, "Yeah, but it's not good when I'm not wearing pants outside." He also posted a flirtatious message with a purple demon emoji, calling it "my sweetheart corner". One fan responded that she thought the couple would get engaged by now, possibly referring to Craig's recent comments about a future proposal.

Looks like the stars are trying to put down the breakup rumors. Winter House co-stars Amanda Batura and Ciara Miller recently said that despite their rocky start to the latest season, Paige and Craig are still going strong. But some fans don't seem convinced, and Many believe the relationship may have been concocted for publicity from the start. Paige and Craig have appeared on three Bravo shows together since their relationship began, and their fame has definitely increased since becoming a power couple.

Other Bravo viewers support the duo. Craig has been outspoken about his desire to marry Page, who has also discussed moving to Charleston to be with him. It's natural for relationships to go through tough times, especially when they're far apart and under the public microscope. Fans will have to wait and see what happens to the couple, as all the interesting details will likely be saved for a summer and winter retreat.

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