Star Wars Hypothesis: Dooku Accepted HE Was The Chosen One (Not Anakin)

A few Jedi accepted Anakin Skywalker would bring adjust to the Drive, but Check Dooku may have seen himself as the Chosen One instep.

Anakin Skywalker was prophesized to bring the adjust to the Constrain, but one Star Wars hypothesis proposes that Number Dooku accepted he was the genuine Chosen One, not Anakin. The prediction of the Chosen One is central to the Star Wars prequel set of three, but it has continuously had an basic level of vulnerability. In spite of the fact that Qui-Gon Jinn was persuaded that Anakin was the Chosen One, the other Jedi were not as speedy to accept, counting Obi-Wan Kenobi. This has driven to talk about among fans over whether Anakin Skywalker truly was the Chosen One, and who else may have satisfied the prediction.

Whereas Anakin appears just like the most self-evident reply, he and Dooku share numerous common components. Both were prepared as Jedi, had awesome control compared to others, and got to be disappointed with the limits of the Jedi Arrange. Like several prescience, it's completely conceivable for there to be numerous candidates who might fill the part. Whereas one point of view on occasions is appeared in Star Wars, there are too components that may, in Dooku's intellect, allow him an advantage over Anakin as the Chosen One from a certain point of see.

Dooku Knew More About The Chosen One Than Any Jedi

Dooku may have accepted himself to be the Chosen One since he was the foremost qualified on the subject. Dooku and his disciple, Qui-Gon Jinn, were among the few Jedi who had considered the antiquated Jedi predictions. This would clarify why Qui-Gon was so certain that Anakin was the Chosen One, since he knew more almost the subject than anybody else at the time. In any case, after Qui-Gon was murdered, Dooku would have been the one who knew the foremost almost the Jedi forecasts.

The Jedi Committee acknowledged Anakin as the Chosen One since Qui-Gon accepted in him and there were no other self-evident candidates. Dooku would be able to form an educated judgment, and his contradictions with the Chamber would keep him from tolerating their point of see. Not at all like Qui-Gon, whose information made him certain that Anakin was the Chosen One, Dooku's certainty seem have driven him to a diverse conclusion.

Dooku Didn't Believe Anakin Skywalker Was The Chosen One

It's exceptionally clear in Star Wars that Dooku didn't accept Anakin Skywalker was the Chosen One. When they to begin with meet in Assault of the Clones, Dooku considers exceptionally small of Anakin, appearing more fascinated by Obi-Wan. This can be reaffirmed by Dooku within The Clone Wars season 4, scene 18 "Emergency on Naboo" when Tally Dooku says "Well done, Master Kenobi. You're a commendable foe. I cannot say the same around your youthful disciple."

Within the Exact retribution of the Sith novelization, Dooku needed to select Obi-Wan rather than Anakin. This adjusts with Dooku inquiring Obi-Wan to join him in Assault of the Clones, and it too clarifies why Dooku centered his assaults on Anakin at the starting of Exact retribution of the Sith. Dooku proceeds to create clear how small he considers of Anakin, rejecting his brags and detecting his unwillingness to utilize outrage in fight. Dooku may have been demonstrated off-base on that last point, but it's self-evident that he never truly accepted Anakin Skywalker was the Chosen One.

Did Dooku Believe HE Was The Chosen One?

There are a few components that propose Dooku saw himself as Star Wars' Chosen One. The prescience states that the Chosen One will bring adjust to the Drive, and Dooku had great reason to accept it was out of adjust when he was a Jedi. Within the Stories of the Jedi miniseries, Dooku saw firsthand how numerous individuals were enduring since of debasement inside the Republic, and how the Jedi Arrange fizzled to do anything almost it. Dooku joined Darth Sidious since he accepted they seem bring a unused arrange to the universe that would alter things for the superior.

The Jedi accepted that crushing the Sith was the key to bringing adjust, and Dooku tells Obi-Wan they can do fair that in the event that they work together. Whereas the Jedi accepted this was one of Dooku's lies, there may have been a few truth to it, since The Clone Wars TV arrangement appears that Dooku was preparing Asajj Ventress to oust Palpatine. Of course, it's moreover conceivable that Dooku may have subscribed to a exacting see of adjust within the Constrain, going so distant as to accept that the Jedi required to be annihilated as well.

Dooku Believing He Was The Chosen one Explains How Palpatine Betrayed Him

Dooku didn't see Palpatine's disloyalty coming, and accepting he was the Chosen One may clarify why. Dooku is appeared to be a clever and cleverly man, organizing an expound plot to dive the world into war. He was too completely mindful of the Run the show of Two, and how bad form is the way of the Sith. This normally raises the address of how he didn't realize Palpatine's arrange until it was as well late.

In the event that Dooku accepted he was the Chosen One, at that point he accepted that he had a prophesized fate. He wouldn't think that he can be murdered until he had satisfied the prediction, and he certainly wouldn't think that Anakin Skywalker would slaughter him. Yoda once criticized Dooku for accepting that the rules didn't apply to him, so it's conceivable that this mentality would carry over to the rules of the Sith. Dooku's possess inner self blinded him to the truth, and like numerous Star Wars scalawags, that finished up being his destruction.

Indeed on the off chance that Dooku wasn't the Chosen One, the thought opens the entryway for advance reinterpretations of the Star Wars establishment. The character of the Chosen One has been addressed some time recently, such as when Obi-Wan thought Luke Skywalker was the Chosen One in Star Wars Rebels. George Lucas himself would have challenged Anakin's claim to the prediction, as his early Star Wars continuations arrange made Leia the Chosen One. There's no telling what other parts of the Star Wars universe can be returned to, changed, or given modern meaning in future stories.

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