Star Wars Has Confirmed Ewok Cannibalism Fan Theory

Not only did the Imperial stormtroopers suffer an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Ewoks, they were likely to become food for their deadly foe.

The Ewoks' victory over the Empire in Star Wars has been one of the most impressive moments in the series, even if it's unlikely to happen. Armed only with rocks and stone-tipped spears, these diminutive creatures overcame the Empire with their incredible technological superiority. However, the Ewoks didn't just defeat the Empire: they also likely ate their enemies' flesh.

The Ewoks' victory over the Empire was unprecedented, leading viewers to believe that the Empire's deadliest military force in the entire galaxy could be defeated by a species still in the Stone Age. In the eyes of the Empire, the "primitive" nature of the Ewoks is their failing, leading them to greatly underestimate the small bear creatures. In the larger world of Star Wars lore, the Empire seems to be right about one aspect of Ewok culture. These creatures are really steeped in superstition, which is exactly what causes them to feed on fallen enemies.

Star Wars Tales was released as an anthology series in the old Legends continuity, readers can find Christian Read's "Apocalypse Endor" in issue 14 and Clayton Henry. In the story, an aging former stormtrooper recalls his story of the Empire's crushing defeat at the Battle of Endor. The former stormtrooper defended their embarrassing defeat in front of the "cute, furry goofs" Ewoks, noting that it was this view that led them to underestimate them in the first place. Beyond their appearance, the aged soldier described the Ewoks as brilliant masters of war, who tormented and taunted the Imperials in the dead of night, dodging their sensors and surgically striking the lonely in the dark, Or lure the squad into an ambush or booby trap.

A stormtrooper named Kovacs even fell prey to the Ewoks at dusk... snatched from his own sleeping squad by a noose dropped from a tree. The truth was confirmed a few days later when Kovacs' remains were discovered: the Ewoks had ritually devoured him (possibly to absorb his psychic powers into themselves), leaving his body as a A dire warning to the fate of the Empire awaits them.

Ewoks Really Did Eat Captured Stormtroopers (Unofficially)

Among the beliefs of other gods, Ewok mythology has a god "Golden Lord" who they believe gives them the ability to live in the light. During the events leading up to the Battle of Endor, the Ewoks were led to believe that the golden ceremonial droid C-3P0 was the god returning to lead their people once again. Even more telling, however, is how they believe this. While worshiping their returning "god," the Ewoks prepare to cook up the trio of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. The heroes of the Resistance would have faced almost the same fate as Kovacs were it not for Luke's deception through the Force. Regardless of the veracity of the story of the former stormtrooper in "Apocalypse on Endor," the Ewoks are clearly willing to eat human flesh. Given that the purpose of the Rebels was to honor the Golden One, this scene is likely to be of a sacrificial nature.

It's hard to say how reliable the former stormtrooper's story is, as those who heard his story were quick to deny that the destruction of the second Death Star wiped them out. While the Ewok's ingenuity in defeating technologically advanced foes is undeniable, it's possible that some of his stories were embellished to lessen the embarrassment of their defeat. but this is star wars Fans need to consider that the Ewok's desire for humans is unofficial.

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