Star Wars Brings Back Dooku Before The Clone Wars Corruption

Count Dooku is one of the funniest characters in the Jedi Order, and now Star Wars is showing his relationship with Master Yoda.

Before Count Dooku led the Separatists during the Clone Wars, he spent most of his life in the Jedi Order, and now, thanks to Dooku's former master Yoda, Star Wars fans can get a glimpse The style of the period. Dooku would end his life as Darth Sidious's apprentice, Darth Tyranus, but his ascension in the Jedi Order revealed who he once was.

However, in the upcoming Star Wars: Yoda #4, directed by Jody Hauser and Luke Ross, fans will see a younger version of Dooku. When Yoda visits his former apprentice to help him teach the next generation of Jedi apprentices, Dooku will remain dedicated to the Jedi cause as nothing more than a black-haired Jedi Master. Meanwhile, readers will get a glimpse of the friendship that exists between the diminutive Jedi Master and a man who may believe he is the chosen one.

Who Was Dooku Before He Fell To The Dark Side?

Dooku was born on the planet Serenor, the son of Count Gora, the planet's ruler. His father despised the Jedi, and when he discovered his son had Force abilities, he abandoned him, leaving him to freeze to death. fortunately young Dooku was taken in by the Jedi and raised in the temple. Dooku was Master Yoda's apprentice and displayed great talent and skill in the Jedi martial arts. He even became one of the Order's most skilled lightsaber duelists, a skill he was particularly proud of as evidenced by his curved handle dueling blades. Over time, Dooku grew into a respected Jedi Master and took on the young Qui-Gon Jinn as his apprentice. Like Jinn, Dooku himself was never a blind follower of Jedi doctrine, often recklessly pursuing what he believed to be the right end. It was this unorthodox approach that got him to the attention of Darth Sidious, aka Shev Palpatine. After his parents died, Dooku left the Knights under the guise of inheriting his father's position in Serenno, but in fact he had attached himself to the Sith Lord and actively helped him realize the Clone Wars, hoping to correct some Some of the injustices Dooku saw in the Republic and the Jedi.

Count Dooku is probably one of the most fascinating Jedi in the entire Order, although fans have seen some His motivations and his fall in Legends of the Jedi, he's a character well worth exploring further. Despite his villainous role in the film, all indications seem to be that his motives are genuine. Unlike the power-hungry Sidious, or even Vader, who succumbs to fear, Dooku is an example of a Force user who genuinely believes his ends will be unscrupulous. To him, Jedi and Sith are just two different paths to achieve what he believes is best for the entire galaxy. And, with a corrupt Senate, growing unrest, and a stagnant and corrupt Jedi Order, Dooku's convictions aren't necessarily wrong.

He doesn't think the galaxy or the Force is black and white, which is really refreshing after going back and forth between Jedi and Sith conflicts in Star Wars. Unfortunately, Dooku learned too late that his new master could not be trusted, and his arrogance and blind faith led him astray. But this new Clone Wars pre-emergence offers fans a real chance to get into the philosophy and Dooku's thoughts, and watch him interact with true believers like Jedi Master Yoda.

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