Star Trek: The Prodigy Season 1 Finale Explained (Detailed)

Star Trek: The Prodigy season 1 ends with a noble sacrifice and hints at what's to come in season 2. We break down every momentous moment and what it means.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 Finale - "Supernova, Part 2"

Emmy Award-winning Star Trek: The Wizards concludes Season 1 with a thrilling and emotional finale, capping off the season's main storyline and setting the stage for an exciting Season 2 . "Supernova, Part 2" follows the epic gripping "Supernova, Part 1" about the USS Protostar's Living Construct weapon corrupting Starfleet, causing Federation starships to attack each other. While Gwen (Ella Purnell) was able to rally the Federation's allies to help Starfleet, it wasn't enough to stop the fleet's imminent destruction.

The Star Trek: The Prodigy season 1 finale resolved the season's main storyline involving Vau'Nakat's vengeance to destroy Starfleet and prevent First Contact with Solum from occurring. Asencia (Jameela Jamil) activates the Living Construct and kills Gwyn's father, Diviner (John Noble), before fleeing with Drednok (Jimmi Simpson). When the Protostar's young crew realizes that Starfleet will only send more ships until the entire fleet is corrupted by living structures, they realize that the only way to stop the signal is to destabilize their Proto-Core and destroy their starship. To prevent catastrophic damage to the solar system, the hologram Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) chooses to stay behind to ensure the protostar jumps into warp speed. Here's how every major star The Trek: Prodigy season 1 story ends with heroic teens saving Starfleet and the galaxy.

Hologram Janeway's Sacrifice Means Admiral Janeway Becomes The Kids' New Mentor

Hologram Janeway initially believes she can transfer her programming to a data chip and escape the protoplanet with Darrell (Brett Gray), Gwen and the others. To her dismay, the hologram Janeway's program had grown too large to fit in the data chip. Instead, Janeway recorded a farewell message for her protectors and stayed behind when the proto-star jumped to the proto-star and self-destructed with the heroic hologram. But their plan worked: The protostar's self-destruction at warp meant that the damage done by the baby star in the protocore was mitigated by traveling through space, saving billions of lives. The destruction of the living saved Starfleet.

Hologram Janeway is a mentor to Dal, Gwyn, Rok-Tahk (Rylee Alazraqui), Zero (Angus Imrie), Jankom Pog (Jason Mantzoukas) and Murf (Dee Bradley Baker), teaching them Starfleet values ​​on Star Trek : Prodigy Season 1. In truly heroic Starfleet fashion, Hologram sacrificed his life to save the galaxy, but Hologram Janeway's departure also passes the torch to Vice Admiral Catherine Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) as the children's new tutor. Dal and his friends no longer need Protostar's training holograms as they can now look up to the real Janeway in flesh and blood.

Why Captain Chakotay Is Now In An Alternate Future Timeline

Ascenia and the Diviner's plan to destroy Starfleet to prevent First Contact with Solum leads to a civil war that destroys their world. Even though they didn't destroy Starfleet, the Star Trek: The Prodigy season 1 finale still changed the future, as the impending first contact between Starfleet and Solem won't happen as Ascenia remembers. This means that Captain Chakotay (Robert Beltran) is now stuck in the year 2436 in an alternate 25th century future timeline.

However, Starfleet determined that the destruction of the Protostar created a space rift that replicated the original time anomaly that Chakotay and the Protostar aircraft carrier fell into in 2383, taking them 52 years into the future. Starfleet plans an expedition to an alternate future, and of course, Admiral Janeway will lead it, since her original mission to the Delta Quadrant to find Chakotay remains unfinished. It's a clear and exciting setup for the main storyline of Star Trek: The Prodigy season 2.

Star Trek: Prodigy's Young Heroes Don't Get Into Starfleet Academy (But Get Something Better)

Dal, Gwyn, With their friends dreaming of joining Starfleet throughout Star Trek: The Prodigy Season 1, Admiral Janeway convinces the Federation Council to accept them into Starfleet Academy. However, they were not accepted by the academy on the grounds that it would be unfair to other applicants already in line. However, the heroism of the original Starfleet's former crew in saving every Starfleet ship must also be rewarded. Instead of joining the academy, the children achieved the rank of warrant officer under the supervision of Admiral Janeway himself.

This is actually a better option for our young heroes, since if they are accepted into Starfleet Academy, they will have to stay on Earth to take classes. That means Star Trek: The Prodigy season 2 will be set in San Francisco, preventing the Protostar's former crew from wandering around the galaxy in a starship. Dahl's status as an Augment is also addressed, as Admiral Janeway persuasively defends the Purple Boy as a living embodiment of the Federation's multi-species culture. Thankfully, despite the Federation's ban on the use of Augments, Dal was granted a special exemption to become a Starfleet Warrant Officer.

Gwyn's Choice To Return To Solum And What It Means For Season 2

Gwyn made a heartbreaking choice not to join her friends It's Starfleet after all. Instead, she decides to travel to her never-before-seen homeland of Solum, hoping she'll become a voice in support of Starfleet and stop a civil war when first contact with Vau'Nakat occurs. Gwyn is optimistic that her own experience can be a harbinger of change for Vau'Nakat. Gwen also wants to meet the younger version of her father, who is still alive in the Prime timeline. Gwen lost the father she knew, but the fortune teller's sacrifice of himself to save her confirmed that he really loved his "offspring."

Although Gwen left her friends, she will thankfully still be a part of Star Trek: The Prodigy Season 2, which will apparently follow Gwen's journey to Solem to change the first result of the contact. Gwyn also assured Dal that they would see each other again, and they shared a sweet kiss, reciprocating their budding relationship since the beginning of Star Trek: The Prodigy. However, Dal won't meet the older Gwyn in the parallel future where Chakotay resides, because Gwyn isn't in Solum in that timeline. How and when Gwyn will be reunited with her friends from Star remains to be seen Trek: Prodigy Season 2. It's also possible that Asencia will return for season 2, as she survived Star Trek: Prodigy season 1 and Admiral Janeway reconciles with her rebellious former ensign.

Admiral Janeway Has "Something Bigger" That Sets Up Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2

They may not be Starfleet Academy cadets, but Dal, Rok-Tahk, Jankom Pog, Zero, and Murf are still well-deservedly popular with Starfleet, as their individual character arcs are rewarded. Zero is given a new mechanical body to house his Medusa energies, Jankom demonstrates a trick or two to Starfleet engineers, and Rok-Tahk meets Dr. Erin MacDonald, played by Star Trek's science advisor Dr. Erin MacDonald. Starfleet scientist Dr. MacDonald, which officially makes her a canonical character. After everything the kids endured on the original Starship, it's a joy to see them become part of Starfleet as they begin to realize their limitless potential.

After the kids watched Gwen's starship depart for Solem, Admiral Janeway unveiled a new proto-starship, meaning it was no longer an experimental NX-class starship . However, the heroic teenagers will not form a new original star, because Janeway has "bigger goals". This could mean Star Trek: The Prodigy officially leaves the original star behind in season 2, which makes sense since Dahl and His friend has upgraded and is no longer a "little star". But what does Janeway mean by "something bigger"? Could it be Voyager-A? Or maybe the USS Janeway that existed in Star Trek: Discovery in the 32nd century? Return to the Intrepid? Or something completely new? We'll find out in Season 2 of Star Trek: The Prodigy. ^More: Star Trek Confirms First Rebel Sighting Since DS9 ^Star Trek: The Prodigy Season 1 is available on Netflix.

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