Stan Lee's Justice League Has a Major Weakness That the Original Never Had

Stan Lee's Justice League is back as the team reveals they have a major weakness that the original version of the team ultimately never had

Spoilers for Tales from Earth-6: A Celebration of Stan Lee #1 by DC Comics

^ Stan Lee's imaginary Justice League has returned to the pages of DC Comics, and quickly reveals that they have a major weakness that the original team didn't have. In Earth Story 6: A Celebration of Stan Lee, Issue 1 of DC Comics, Lee's version of DC's greatest superteam struggles with branding, as despite their heroic actions, the team can barely Operate as is - a gimmick that forces them to publicize to win back the favor of Earth-6 citizens.

In Earth Story 6: A Celebration of Stan Lee #1 from DC Comics' Jerry Ordway, Glenn Whitmore, and Pat Brosseau, Stan Lee's justice imagines the Justice League clashing at their base of operations. Lois Lane telling the heroes that no one is buying their action figures, combined with news of the team losing their endorsement, means their brand is falling apart. To save the Justice League, The Flash hired a crisis management team to address cash flow and brand weaknesses that the original team never had to deal with.

In the 2000s, Stan Lee briefly left Marvel Comics to collaborate with DC Comics on a new version of Justice League as he creates a brand new hero for his Just Imagine Universe. Reimagined heroes with new origins, secret identities and abilities include a Batman who dresses like a bat, The Flash who gets his powers from a hummingbird, and a Superman who can't fly but desperately wants to get home. In the new anthology , Lee's Justice League returns to celebrate the late writer's 100th birthday.

Stan Lee's Justice League Return To Celebrate His 100th Birthday

Unfortunately, Stan Lee's Justice League's attempt to fix its biggest weakness in branding did not go well. Crisis management's suggestion to pretend to take down a hired villain at a press conference backfired as the event was quickly revealed to be a hoax. In the end, though, after a heartfelt apology and a promise from the team to do whatever it takes to win back the populace, the Justice League seems to have gained some trust instead.

Unlike the Justice League heroes in the main DC universe, which have several donors on the roster, the Just Imagine version of the team has major weaknesses in terms of cash flow and branding. Thankfully, despite being exposed for trying to stage Against hired villains, Stan Lee's Justice League finally gained public support. However, they still have a lot of work to do to overcome their biggest weakness. Tales from Earth-6: A Celebration of Stan Lee #1 by DC Comics is in comic book stores now.

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