Specialist Who: Which On-screen character Played The Time Master The Longest? (Positioned By Scene Number)

15 on-screen characters have formally taken on the part of the Specialist since 1963, but the performing artists who had the most elevated number of scenes might astonish the fans.

Jodie Whitacker's residency as the Specialist fair came to an conclusion within "The Control of the Specialist," but the man who took her put has got fans all over inquiring questions. In spite of wrapping up his residency as the Specialist in 2010, David Tennant risen from the recovery vitality, not the reported Ncuti Gatwa. The BBC and returning showrunner Russell T. Davies have alluded to Tennant as the 14th Specialist, provoking fans to inquire in the event that David Tennant has presently played the Doctor the longest.

Usually really a distant more complicated address than fans might anticipate, as there are different official and informal Specialists and stories. In expansion, the larger part of Classic scenes were as it were 25 minutes, in comparison to the longer scenes within the reboot. Despite the complexities, there's still a conclusive requesting of Specialist Who lead performing artists, positioned by their number of scenes.

15/15 Paul McGann—1 Episode And The Movie

Paul McGann has as it were been in one scene of Specialist Who in expansion to the 1996 motion picture. Be that as it may, he really had the longest run as the Specialist time-wise, as he was caught on to be the current Specialist for nine a long time.

In spite of the fact that most fans abhor the motion picture, Paul McGann has by and large dodged their fury. His sound shows have been exceptionally well-received, and numerous fans need to see more of him on-screen. At the same time the most brief and longest running Specialist, Paul McGann's affect on the community cannot be downplayed.

14/15 John Hurt—3 Episodes

John Harmed showed up in three scenes of Specialist Who, in spite of the fact that his sparkling minute was the 50th Commemoration uncommon, "Day of the Specialist." He played the War Specialist, the adaptation of the time ruler who battled within the Time War and repudiated himself for the actions he had to require.

The War Specialist was testy and had a inclination to deride the character characteristics within the Tenth and Eleventh Specialists that the fans had come to cherish, but it was clear fair how much he cared. He was composed into books, audiobooks, and comics, but the passing of John Harmed restricted how much his character may do.

13/15 Jo Martin—4 Episodes

Jo Martin was in four scenes of Specialist Who. In that time, her nearness raised genuine questions almost the legitimacy of Jodie Whitacker's Specialist some time recently driving to the disputable Immortal Child plotline. It's difficult to say much around Jo Martin's Specialist, since she got so small clarification and screen time.

She existed some time recently the coherence that fans have been observing, so there's exceptionally small setting for how she got to be who she is. In any case, Jo Martin is set to have a arrangement of sound undertakings with Sacha Dhawan which will decide the character's fan reaction and future (per Radio Times).

12/15 Christopher Eccleston—13 Episodes

Christopher Eccleston as it were showed up in 13 scenes, the most brief residency of any full-time Specialist. In add up to, Eccleston held the position for less than three months some time recently choosing to take off, citing pressure behind the scenes.

In spite of the fact that Eccleston was solid sufficient to effectively resuscitate the arrangement, numerous fans were presented to the appear after he cleared out. In any case, his return to the establishment in 2021 was broadly celebrated, with fans trusting they may see the Ninth Specialist return to screens within the future.

11/15 Jodie Whittaker—32 Episodes

Jodie Whittaker was in 32 episodes of Specialist Who. Typically shockingly few, given she held the part for about five a long time, but there were expanded rests between seasons, in portion since of Covid-19. There was a parcel of consideration on Whittaker for being the primary female Specialist, and whereas there were poisonous fans who couldn't acknowledge her, most gatherings of people were open to the alter.

Agreeing to showrunner Chris Chibnall, he and Whittaker had made a "three arrangement and out" bargain with each other, and in spite of visit intrusions, that was what they overseen to do.

10/15 Colin Baker—33 Episodes

Colin Dough puncher was the Specialist in 33 scenes of Specialist Who, the most brief residency of any full Classic Specialist. He too had the special refinement of being the as it were lead on-screen character to be terminated from the appear, due to a combination of behind-the-scenes show and a destitute choice of course for the character.

In spite of such a constrained time on screen, Colin Pastry specialist has done a part for the appear past those seasons, taking an interest in over 160 diverse sound experiences, featuring within the organize generation Specialist Who — The Extreme Experience for three months, and indeed composing his possess stories for the character. Since of his dedication to the appear and his character, fans celebrated at his brief return within "The Control of the Specialist."

9/15 Peter Capaldi—42 Episodes Plus Spinoffs

Diminish Capaldi played the Specialist in 42 scenes of Specialist Who as well as the pilot scene of the spin-off appear Course. Earlier to getting to be the Doctor, he played Caesilius within "The Fires of Pompeii" and John Frobisher in all five scenes of Torchwood: Children of Soil, which constrained the appear to address his appearance specifically.

Whereas his four a long time as the Specialist included a few forgettable scenes, his best scenes outperformed about any other Doctor's, with impactful talks and talks on ethical quality.

8/15 Sylvester McCoy—43 Episodes And The Movie

Sylvester McCoy was in 42 scenes of Classic Who, one scene of the current arrangement, and showed up within the 1996 motion picture. McCoy's form of the Specialist took a small whereas to come into his possess, but he was inevitably acknowledged for his cleverness and control.

Since the appear was canceled amid his tenure and he recovered within the film, McCoy was included in video diversions, sound dramatizations, a five-episode energized arrangement, and the official 1992 Specialist Who pinball machine.

7/15 Matt Smith—46 Episodes Plus Spinoffs And Minisodes

Matt Smith starred in 46 scenes of Specialist Who, in conjunction with two scenes of The Sarah Jane Undertakings and ten Specialist Who minisodes.

In his about four a long time as the Specialist, Smith was able to set up a solid fanbase for his family-oriented depiction of the Timelord, playing both the hyperactive child and fatigued ancient man to flawlessness. He talks affectionately of his time on the show, but his huge parts within The Crown and House of the Mythical serpent may conclusion up keeping him from returning for future appearances.

6/15 David Tennant—50 Episodes Plus Spinoffs

David Tennant has been in 50 scenes of Specialist Who, including his astonish return as the Fourteenth Specialist within "The Control of the Specialist." In expansion, he guest-starred in two scenes of The Sarah Jane Enterprises and featured in eight scenes of the vivified arrangement Completely Specialist Who and six scenes of the enlivened story Specialist Who: Fairyland.

After his time as the Specialist, he returned for the 50th Commemoration extraordinary "The Day of the Specialist," as well as featuring within the 60th Commemoration uncommon in 2023. Given all that, it is stunning that Tennant as it were has the sixth-highest number of scenes.

5/15 Peter Davison—71 Episodes

Diminish Davison was in 71 scenes of Doctor Who, counting the foremost later scene, "The Control of the Specialist." In spite of the fact that he delighted in his time on the appear and was acknowledged by the fans, he took the exhortation of Patrick Troughton to as it were remain for three a long time, which was point by point in Diminish Haining's book, Specialist Who: 25 Wonderful A long time.

Davison profited from the 20+ episode seasons that Specialist Who staged out within the final five a long time of the Classic run, which gave him a parcel of quality scenes. In any case, he had constrained association to the rebooted appear, which was commented on when he composed and coordinated The Five(ish) Specialists Reboot.

4/15 Jon Pertwee— 129 Episodes

Jon Pertwee was in 129 scenes of Specialist Who, counting the uncommon "The Five Specialists." His residency on the appear was essentially Earth-bound, but that confinement didn't make him less imperative. In truth, he was the Specialist amid numerous of Specialist Who's scariest scenes, counting those that presented the Ace.

After more than four a long time within the part, Pertwee cleared out the appear in portion to continue his career on the organize. Indeed so, he returned to the part within "The Five Specialists" and featured within the organize generation Specialist Who — The Extreme Enterprise from Walk to June 1989.

3/15 William Hartnell—132 Episodes

William Hartnell showed up in 132 scenes of Specialist Who, driving the appear for its to begin with four seasons and returning within the season ten extraordinary The Three Specialists.

Hartnell merits a parcel of credit for propelling Specialist Who so effectively, but his falling flat wellbeing and troubles with others contributed to him clearing out the appear, agreeing to Specialist Who: The Sixties. Since at that point, his adaptation of the character has showed up in four other scenes, depicted by Richard Hurndall and David Bradley.

2/15 Patrick Troughton—134 Episodes

Patrick Troughton was in 134 scenes of Specialist Who, part between the initial appear and the enlivened arrangement Specialist Who: The Accursed Snowmen. Troughton made the Specialist more complex than he had been some time recently, making recovery a practical way forward for the appear.

After wrapping up his three seasons, Troughton returned for the vital Specialist Who specials "The Three Specialists," "The Five Specialists," and "The Two Specialists," making him the Specialist who returned most (so distant).

1/15 Tom Baker—173 Episodes

Tom Bread cook was in 173 scenes of Specialist Who, keeping the lead for seven seasons. Amid that time, he featured in numerous of the show's best scenes, getting to be the extreme Specialist for numerous watchers.

In spite of the fact that he declined to return within "The Five Doctors," he did return within the 50th Commemoration uncommon as the Keeper. He wasn't accessible to return within "The Control of the Specialist," but fans have reason to trust he may return another year, including one more scene to his add up to.

Specialist Who is as of now accessible for spilling on BritBox (1963-1989) and HBO Max (2005-Present).

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