Smallville: 10 Clark Kent/Superman Idiosyncrasies From The Comics Tom Welling Nails

Each Superman on-screen character puts their claim turn on the character. Smallville's Tom Welling depicted Clark Kent for a decade, making him his claim.

With Tom Welling talking about Smallville on the modern Talkville podcast, as well as effectively going to fan traditions, it's a fun time to be a fan of the appear. After a long nonappearance within the media, fans are at long last getting tons of experiences and behind the scenes stories they couldn't get amid the show's run time.

With more discourse of the appear, fans have started re-watching. In ten seasons Welling nailed numerous perspectives of the Superman mythology, but most critically gave an exact depiction of the open Clark Kent as well as his courageous alter-ego.

Superman's Courage

Superman never backs down against a capable foe within the comics. He's willing to toss himself against super-powered creatures like Doomsday and Darkseid over and over in arrange to wear them down. Clark has this same boldness, indeed as a young person putting himself in unsafe circumstances in arrange to do the correct thing.

Confronting off against meteor monstrosities or famous Superman scalawags, Clark never considers twice almost putting himself on the line, indeed when scalawags are outfitted with Kryptonite. Tom Welling depicts this well, making it trustworthy that other characters feel so secure in his presence.

Sense Of Compassion

Clark Kent never needs to learn sympathy in Smallville. At the age of 14, he as of now has a sense of obligation and compassion that exceptionally few have. To an degree that's nearly hindering, he is willing to put the emotions and well-being of others over himself.

Kindness is one of the foremost critical character characteristics of Superman. Smallville and Welling's execution emphasizes that Clark speaks to the leading of mankind in personality, instead of exceeding expectations due to his outsider powers. This is often an critical characteristic from the comics that has compelled watchers for nearly a century. Clark's kindness and profound quality was an angle that made his fellowship with Lex Luthor difficult to accept at times.

Clumsiness As Clark Kent

A Clark Kent marquee characteristic is his outward picture of clumsiness. Indeed in scene one, Clark is seen bobbling with his school books before Lana Lang. In spite of the fact that this was due to her Kryptonite jewelry, his mishandles would be rehashed all through the appear.

Tom Welling nailed these, frequently giving them a comedic touch. Smallville exceeded expectations in its minutes of humor, frequently making light of other characters' need of mindfulness of Clark's powers. So much so, that the primary time Clark uncovers his mystery to Lois, she considers he's playing a trick on her, a portrayal exact to comics like All-Star Superman.


Clark Kent's dorky nature has continuously advertised a fun duality with his macho Superman persona. Tom Welling nails this in Clark Kent. Especially within the early seasons, Clark is delineated as being to some degree of an untouchable at Smallville Tall. In spite of his possible football fame, he spends more of his residency working with Chloe on The Burn and including to the Divider of Peculiar.

Superman is additionally portrayed as extremely cleverly and inquisitive about interglacial sciences. While Clark never gets to be very the researcher he can be within the comics, he is depicted as having fabulous grades and being a well-studied man. Welling's Kent also plunges more profound into his Kryptonian beginnings than any other adjustment.

Stern Expression When Using X-Ray Vision

Superman must center to utilize his X-Ray or Warm vision, as well as his other faculties, and will frequently make genuine and strict facial expressions when utilizing them. Tom Welling nailed this idiosyncrasy, idealizing the long gazes and head turns required to appear how much the youthful Clark required to center to utilize his powers.

These expressions can be very entertaining, as Clark will, at times, begin gazing exceptionally eagerness at a divider right before other characters who never appear to address this behavior much.

Superman's Sense Of Honor

A quality of Superman that Clark continuously has in Smallville is his honor. He acts exceptionally respectably, aside from having to mislead his companions approximately his powers. For a young person particularly, Clark is fair and straight forward with his companions, regularly communicating in affable ways with others.

As he develops into a saint, Clark keeps a solid and strict ethical code, often seeing the finest in everybody, counting his foes. He gives all of his adversaries a reasonable chance to yield some time recently turning to savagery, and never crosses lines of villainy whereas in full control of himself. Awesome honor was too a Superman quirk that Henry Cavill nailed.

Sarcastic Humor

An underappreciated viewpoint of Superman, for the most part due to it not making appearances within the Cavill Superman exhibitions, is that Superman can be exceptionally amusing. Clark in Smallville is exceptionally wry, a quality Tom Welling performs exceptionally well.

A few of the foremost paramount, fun scenes from Smallville are the snide intelligent Clark has with his guardians and companions. Welling's charm as well as the chemistry of the cast could be a tremendous portion of this. The humor and light-hearted tones made the early seasons the highest-rated in Smallville.

Humility As A Hero

Developing up in a humble family, a key angle of Superman is that holds genuine to that humility and lowliness all through his entirety life. In Smallville, Clark treats everybody he meets with break even with regard, in truth, Clark may have as well much lowliness. He contains a inclination of self-loathing, and will frequently fault himself unreasonably for the way circumstances have affected other individuals.

Tom Welling delineates this lowliness well, and his believe and conviction in everybody he meets feels both inspiring and idealistic, as Superman ought to. Clark sees the leading in everybody, which is ordinarily a quality for him. Clark's most notorious Smallville cite appears his lowliness flawlessly.

A Giddy Romantic

Clark Kent's yearning for Lois Path is one of the key stories of Superman mythology. In spite of the fact that they are presently regularly delineated as being hitched or in a relationship from the begin, Smallville takes after the classic story where their relationship takes a long time to create, with Lois to begin with taking intrigued within the alter-ego of Superman. Or in this case, "The Blur."

Clark moreover features a enduring intrigued in his to begin with cherish, Lana Lang. Tom Welling depicts this as an blameless, dorky, schoolboy sentimentalism, which is frequently a major need for the character within the early seasons. This quality makes him feel especially human, as indeed Superman has his needs set on tacky sentiment in tall school.

The Poise Of Superman

To be Superman requires a certain stature and balance that few on-screen characters can drag off. Indeed without the notorious suit, Tom Welling can make himself appear like Superman with fair a blue t-shirt or his Day by day Planet work clothing.

When attempting to be, Welling's Clark looks strict, solid, and gallant. This remained reliable all through all ten seasons, permitting him to consistently drag off the Superman suit within the arrangement finale.

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