Ryan Reynolds Reveals Nickelback Cover of Key Spirit Song

Ryan Reynolds has revealed Nickelback's cover of the key song "Incurable" after previously defending the rock band on "Deadpool."

Just in time for the holidays, Ryan Reynolds has revealed the Nickelback cover of a key song from his holiday film Spirited. A musical retelling of Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol, this musical comedy follows the ghost of the Christmas present (Will Ferrell) and his quest to change Clint Briggs (Reynolds) effort, the case had previously been overlooked because he was deemed "unredeemable." As the story progresses and the audience learns more about the two characters, they see the pair eventually become friends, and Learned that they were more alike than initially thought. Several songs are played throughout, one in particular marks an important realization of The Ghost of Christmas Present and comes at a pivotal moment in his film.

Spirited contains a lot of fun music and dancing, but "Unredeemable" is one of the film's most memorable songs because it focuses on Ferrell's character and his own personal struggles. In a recent Instagram post, Ryan Reynolds shared a video of Nickelback covering it, writing in the caption: "This seems like the right thing to do." Anyone familiar with rock bands knows that despite their There are still A strong fan base, and this isn't the first time Reynolds has shown them love. Check out their "Unredeemable" cover below:

Ryan Reynolds Has Defended Nickelback Before

Back in 2018, when Deadpool was released, viewers saw Reynolds crack jokes at a general reception to Nickelback while hilariously defending the band. In the re-edited special version of Deadpool 2, the beaked mercenary kidnaps Fred Savage and tells the movie's story, similar to The Princess Bride. When Savage made a comment about Nickelback, calling them "overproduced" and "formula," Reynolds' character quickly chimed in, looking back at all of their success, including sold albums and full Grammy nominations. The two then held hands and started singing "How You Remind Me".

Unredeemable's Importance In Spirited's Story

The idea of ​​irredeemability was introduced as early as Spirited Away, when Clint's case was being discussed, revealing that he was a human being because he believed people would not change. Restoring his good heart and love of the holidays creates a series of ripples, as The Ghost of Christmas Present shares. After convincing Jacob Marley (Patrick Page) to let them work for Clint, it's revealed that the gift is actually Ebenezer Scrooge, the only one irretrievably Go through the same process. Suddenly, his character's motivations make a lot more sense, but when faced with the question of whether he's actually saved, he starts acting "Irredeemable."

Scrooge had only three weeks to live after meeting the Christmas elf, so in order to find out if he really wasn't an incorrigible anymore, he decided to retire and return to Earth. The musical breaks up some of the film's comedy by depicting a moment of sincerity as Ferrell's character questions whether he has merit. In his first holiday film since 2003's "Genie," Ferrell's performance in "Incurable" was notable and proved important to "Spirited Away"'s overall story, Now streaming on Apple TV+.

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