RHOSLC's Jen Shah Claps Back At Tamra Judge's 'Ridiculous' Allegation

The Genuine Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah has reacted to Tamra Judge's charges that she stole from her inn room at BravoCon.

The Genuine Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah has clapped back at Tamra Judge's "silly" allegation that Jen stole liquor from her lodging room. Amid an scene of Tamra's podcast Two T's in a Unit, she told co-star Teddi Mellencamp that Jen had stolen liquor from her inn room amid the BravoCon 2022 end of the week in Unused York City. In October, Tamra moreover affirmed amid another podcast scene that Jen had "invited herself" to utilize Tamra's individual glam squad.

When The Reality Rundown Instagram account reposted RHOSLC star Tamra's comment approximately Jen taking, Jen was speedy to comment in her claim defense. In her Instagram stories, Jen shared the post with the caption "This is often crazy... young lady if you don't mind." Jen has continuously been gutsy when it comes to standing up for herself, indeed as truths and rumors with respect to her continuous lawful issues proceed to stack up. She moreover commented on the introductory post with a arrangement of giggling emojis taken after by the explanation, "a few ppl will say anything to keep trending. This Is often A LIE."

Joshua Lamar Comes to RHOSLC Star Jen Shah's Defense

Instantly taking after Jen's claim explanation posted to her Instagram story, she reposted a comparable comment from performing artist and TV identity Joshua Lamar. He said "Tamra young lady... Presently why you lying like that. She didn't take anything out of your room. I'm a witness." Joshua has been included in a number of TikToks with RHOSLC's Jen, most broadly one in which they deride churchgoers. A few fans had protectively commented on the beginning video, accepting that it was implied to deride previous RHOSLC housewife Mary Cosby. Mary felt the cast was brutal to her, and she cleared out the establishment after season 2.

In as it were three seasons of RHOSLC, Jen has situated herself as one of the foremost disputable housewives of all time. This can be much obliged to her searing mood and hazardous identity, but particularly since of her continuous legitimate issues. Jen has pled blameworthy to the charges of running a across the nation telemarketing conspire. At first, Jen kept up her guiltlessness before the Bravo cameras, so RHOSLC fans were stunned when she pled blameworthy to the charges fair days some time recently her trial in July. Jen's supplication bargain requires 11-14 a long time in imprison, and compensation of over $9.5 million. Most as of late, Jen's sentencing date was moved, and she will show up in court once more at some point in January.

Whereas there are still numerous fans who feel that the appear will not be the same without Jen, others are debilitated of her steady lying. Rumors have circled for the final few months that shooting for The Genuine Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 may start some time recently Jen is sentenced. Bravo have and official maker Andy Cohen made explanations almost whether Andy accepts Jen will return to the establishment, but he did not appear certain that Jen would not serve time for her wrongdoings.

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