RHOP: Wendy's Mother Impacts Mia For Onscreen 'Assault' Against Girl

Wendy Osefo's mother calls out Mia Thornton on social media after seeing her gigantic battle with Wendy play out on The Genuine Housewives of Potomac.

Mia Thornton is right now feeling the fury of Wendy Osefo's mother after the authority caught wind of their dangerous battle on The Genuine Housewives of Potomac. Mia has been beneath fire after watchers seen her hurl a glass of wine at Wendy and attempt to hit her with a satchel amid the girls' trip to Miami. Mia assembled up the squabble with Wendy after The Genuine Housewives of Atlanta alum Diminish Thomas educated Mia around his "meat" with Wendy. Mia claimed Diminish is "family" and went to war with Wendy over her fizzled commerce bargain with Cynthia Bailey's ex-husband.

The battle publicized two weeks prior, but Wendy's mother must've fair observed the scene. The Nigerian authority took to Instagram, in posts captured by Jay's Reality Web journal, to reprove Mia for having "attacked" her girl on tv. "Well. well. well. Revolting interior and out," Wendy's mother Iyom Okuzu composed beneath a less-than-flattering screenshot of a makeup-less Mia amid the Miami trip. She too mirrored her daughter's shade at Mia in calling her a "cavity confront." Iyom utilized a arrangement of words to portray her profound abhor for Mia counting "insensible, unreasonable, and unmerited." Wendy's mother claimed Mia was a "wannabe CEO" who was truly a "troublemaker." After caution Mia that she messed with the off-base Najia woman's girl, Iyom chastened Mia for having "ambushed my infant, Dr. Wendy." Iyom went on to share truisms from her local Nigeria some time recently impacting Mia and Dwindle "to h***!" Wendy's mother concluded her tirade with a few "heavenly phantom fire" and a "booming so be it."

RHOP's Mia Thornton Responds To Wendy's Mom

Mia in the long run clapped back at Wendy's mother with claims of being Nigerian herself. She too cautioned Iyom that "my family knows your family," and she doesn't "get dangers gently." But Mia's reaction advance increased Iyom's seethe. She shot back with a arrangement of comments calling Mia "uneducated" and "classless" whereas requesting a "honest to goodness statement of regret" after "ambushing" her girl. "You have got a mouth, you ought to utilize it and not physically assault my girl," Iyom joked.

Mia has been confronting backfire for turning to physical viciousness amid her contention with Wendy. The RHOP cast was part, with Ashley Darby and Karen Huger siding with Wendy after seeing Mia go after her and Robyn Dixon, and Gizelle Bryant reassuring Mia in spite of her savage behavior. Robyn indeed denounced Wendy of "antagonizing" and "teasing" Mia to assault her with the things she was saying. Wendy called Gizelle and Robyn "Mia empathizers" who sang an totally diverse tune when Monique Samuels got into a physical battle with Candiace Dillard in RHOP season 5. When Monique and Candiace battled, Gizelle and Robyn chastened Monique for getting physical.

But some a long time afterward, Robyn took Mia's side in spite of getting physical with Wendy. When RHOP makers inquired Robyn why she sided with Mia, Robyn conceded it was since she doesn't "like" Wendy. RHOP season 7 has been an dangerous one. The pressure is so thick that indeed one of the mothers has gotten included. Wendy's mother has been exceptionally noiseless almost her daughter's fights on RHOP. But the gloves came off after observing somebody assault her child. Wendy's mother might grant Candiace's mother a run for her cash.

The Genuine Housewives of Potomac affectation Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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