Rest Key: Sam Reacts To Joe's Claims He Wouldn't Give To Nonprofit

After Rest Key star Joe Jenkins claimed Sam Logan and Mike Vazquez wouldn't give to his mom's nonprofit, Sam says the claims are wrong.

Sam Logan reacted to his Break Key costar Joe Jenkin's claims he wouldn't give to his mother's Cancer nonprofit. Amid the debut of the most recent scene, Joe claimed on Twitter that a certain extremely rich person star and his companion didn't reply him when he inquired them to give to his mom's Cancer nonprofit. Be that as it may, they had no issue coming to out to him, inquiring him to set them up with young ladies once they were single. Joe has showed up on the arrangement as Juliette Watchman and Kelsey Owens' companion but has never been a fundamental cast part. He has not however showed up on Rest Key: Miami Moves.

Fans knew the Rest Key star was talking approximately Sam and his companion Mike Vazquez within the tweet, but Sam had verification that Joe's claims weren't rectify. In no time after Joe's tweet, Sam posted screenshots on Twitter of content discussions he's had with Joe. In one discussion, Sam told Joe he would completely give, but he needed to do it through a framework where it would be assess deductible. Within the another screenshot, Sam showcased Joe's reactions, where he gave him all the data on how he seem give. Sam then tweeted, "I sold that cash and was aiming to send it? … abnormal af."

It's Typical For Siesta Key Stars To Fight On Social Media

Joe didn't show up within the later Break Key scene, but Sam did. He and his best companion and flat mate Jordana Barnes talked about costs for the hide coat company they're beginning, and Sam conceded to not knowing on the off chance that $1,500 was a part of cash for a coat or not. The rest of the scene was centered on Juliette casting models and putting on her mold appear amid Miami Swim Week. She too accommodated with Kelsey and welcomed her to walk in her design appear, which she cheerfully concurred to do.

It's vague what caused Sam not to form the gift, but the writings demonstrate he did not ignore Joe's writings just like the Rest Key star claimed. It's uncommon that the show's stars aren't contending with each other. Whether it's something that happened on screen or behind the scenes, Break Key stars cherish airing out their issues on social media. Whereas it ordinarily makes things more awful, it offers a part of excitement for fans of the appear, so they can't complain. In spite of the fact that, it'd likely be way better for everybody included in case they kept their show private.

The show between Joe and Sam is confounding, particularly since the two never associating much on the appear. It's hazy what truly happened or why Joe would lie approximately Sam not reacting. This appears like a circumstance that may have effortlessly been taken care of off Twitter and was likely a miscommunication like numerous things are. It's impossible the two are attending to ended up companions, particularly since Joe is near with Juliette, and she and Sam broke up final year. In spite of the fact that, the Break Key stars will ideally put the dramatization behind them and stay cheerful within the future.

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Rest Key Miami Moves affectation Thursdays at 8 pm on MTV.

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