Pokémon: Card Game vs Video Game

Whether you play Pokémon with cards or a keyboard or controller, you should know the difference between physical and digital play.

sSince its inception in the 80s, Pokémon has become more than a game franchise and a cultural institution. Whether you're new to the gaming world or have dabbled in it for years, Pokémon are a rite of passage. Of all the various forms the concept has taken, the most popular and enduring are the Pokémon trading card game and the Pokémon video game, but which is better?

The Pokémon Story

Before diving headfirst into the game, knowing the history of Pokémon is crucial to better understanding the world you're entering. Developed in Japan in the eighties, Satoshi Stair and Ken Sugimori based their concept on their childhood love of collecting insects and released Pocket Monsters Red and Green through Nintendo to great acclaim. An accompanying set of 120 playing cards was released shortly after the original game's release (but didn't reach North America until the late '90s) and gained an entire fan base of its own.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game

In an ever-evolving world of video games, the simplicity and nostalgia of a game of poker can be a great way to unplug from your device and pick up a new hobby. if you If you're a complete novice, the recommended way to start is to choose a themed deck that will get you started playing right away, but also serve as the basis for some of the best Pokémon decks on the market.

Additional sets of Pokémon cards enhance the power of the creatures and trainers you play, so you can level up and defeat increasingly experienced players. For example, the Pokémon TCG Booster Kit Box Set includes 40 cards that can be mixed into your deck and 23 evolution cards to make you an even scarier player.

Another great thing about the Pokémon Trading Card Game is that, since it has become a global institution, collecting cards is both fun and profitable. Researching rare and classic cards to collect can not only improve your deck as you play, but can be very valuable if you get the right cards. To put that in perspective, the most valuable Pokémon card in the world, the illustrator of Pikachu, is worth over $900,000 as of 2022. ^While card games are great fun, Pokémon Video games were the original vision of Stair and Sugimori, and have remained one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world. One of the most alluring reasons to get into the Pokémon game is that no matter what console you choose, there is something for everyone and there is a huge online community that can provide you with Pokémon video game cheat codes and show you The hidden location of all Easter eggs.

The Pokémon Video Games

If you want to relive your childhood games, you can find helpful tips on playing classic Pokémon games that have been reprogrammed onto modern consoles to relive the glory days of innovative gaming.

No matter what game you devote your time to, you can't let up when it comes to Pokémon, as its ever-evolving nature and amazing fan base keep the franchise alive. If you are looking for something to pass your spare time and bring into your home, then video games are the perfect choice for you. But if you want something a little more analog to get you out of the house and meet new and exciting people, then it's time to buy your themed deck and collect the cards.

The Best Pokémon Game For You

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