Pheromosa Pokémon GO: Attack Direct (Counters, Movesets)

In the event that Coaches have the correct counters to overcome the Ultra Mammoth Buzzwole in Pokémon GO, they can moreover use the same Attack party to defeat Pheromosa.

In case the excessively solid Buzzwole is as well burly for one's taste in Pokémon GO, at that point Coaches can select to capture the slim and rich Ultra Monster Pheromosa. With "UB-02 Excellence" as its code title, Pheromosa is apparently female in its appearance, highlighting a white and lean cockroach-esque body, long elegant radio wires, and feet that emphatically take after tall heels. Pheromosa has a Combat Control rating of around 40,000 and uses 261 Att and 79 Def. In spite of having significantly tall Att, its moo Def stat makes it one of the foremost reasonable Ultra Mammoths to solo, as long as the challenger has the right counters.

To defeat Pheromosa in a Pokémon GO Ultra Mammoth Attack, it is pivotal that Coaches get it which basic sorts are competent of countering this Strike Boss. Comparative to Buzzwole, Pheromosa may be a Bug- and Fighting-type take beast that's solid against Battling-, Bug-, Ground-, Grass-, and Dark-type Movesets. On the other hand, it offers the same shortcomings as Buzzwole, counting Fire-, Psychic-, Pixie-, and Flying-type Moves. Particularly, Flying-type assaults are the foremost compelling against Pheromosa, managing well over twofold the harm of ordinary Moves.

Best Counters for Pheromosa in Pokémon GO

Since Pheromosa has the same shortcomings as Buzzwole in Pokémon GO, the Bug- and Fighting-type Strike Boss too offers the same list of best counters. These top-tier counters incorporate Mega Pidgeot, Moltres, Rayquaza, Ho-Oh, Mega Charizard Y, and Lugia. Of course, these are not the as it were choices that Coaches got to confront Pheromosa. In any case, those pointing to solo this Ultra Mammoth Attack ought to as it were endeavor such an endeavor with these best picks, as any weaker choices might result in disappointment and squandered recuperating assets. Pokebattler has luckily given the community with an great list of more commonly reachable take beasts that can counter Pheromosa in a Pokémon GO Attack:

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