Offering The OC's Alex Corridor Clarifies Relationship With Tyler Stanaland

Offering The OC star Alex Corridor opens up on where she stands with co-star Tyler Stanaland taking after his separate from performing artist Brittany Snow.

Offering The OC realtor Alex Corridor talked out around where her relationship stands with co-star Tyler Stanaland. Alex and Tyler were criticized taking after the Offering The OC debut for their unseemly working environment relationship in spite of Tyler being hitched. Tyler was hitched to Pitch Idealize star Brittany Snow, but news of their separate circulated in no time after Offering The OC dropped on Netflix. A few fans speculated that Tyler's behavior with Alex and other co-workers may have affected the couple's choice to part after as it were two a long time of marriage.

In a later meet with Individuals, Alex set the record straight in respect to the rumors that she and Tyler are in a relationship. She affirmed that they are not impractically included which she had nothing to do with his separate from Brittany. Alex does not accept she's the reprobate and demanded that Tyler's "near companions know a small bit more almost his individual life than the group of onlookers knows." In respect to her supposition of Tyler's ex, Alex said, "Clearly, my loyalties lie with Tyler." It was clear within the meet that Alex doesn't accept she ought to feel any regret or shame for her relationship with Tyler.

Selling The OC Fans Call Out Tyler Stanaland's Behavior

Numerous fans voiced their concerns on different social media stages in respect to Alex's behavior towards a hitched man on Offering the OC, with a few saying they would crack out in the event that their accomplice carried on like this with a co-worker. It's clear that a parcel of these fans are not alone within the supposition that the Offering The OC stars' relationship was shockingly improper for a assortment of reasons. A few have been fast to include that Tyler was the hitched one and so ought to have been capable for setting the boundary with his companions and co-workers.

Alex and Tyler were spotted out to eat together fair hours after his joint division articulation with Brittany was posted on Instagram. The combine were cozied up at the SOTA Sushi bar in Crown Del Damage, went with by a number of other realtors from the Oppenheim Gather. Alex didn't think she was doing anything off-base, in spite of numerous photographs taken by paparazzi appearing her touching Tyler and sitting in much closer vicinity to him than anybody else at the table. In one photo, it looked as in the event that the Offering The OC star was kissing or noticing Alex's bear.

It was apparent in Offering The OC season 1 that Tyler battles to set boundaries. Whereas Brittany never showed up on the appear to share her point of view or deliver fans an knowledge into the inward workings of their relationship, it all appeared suspicious. One of the season's biggest discussions was co-worker Kayla Cardona's affirmed endeavor to snare up with Tyler at an Oppenheim Bunch work party. Alex too broadly felt completely comfortable giving her hitched companion a nosey, where you put your mouth over somebody else's nose and blow discuss so difficult that it automatically comes out of their mouth. Fans will not be stunned on the off chance that numerous of these occasions are examined in Offering The OC season 2.

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