New Bridgerton S3 cast could seriously complicate Colin & Pen's romance

Colin and Penelope's relationship is already complicated, and Bridgerton season 3's new cast could present them with even more challenges.

It's clear that Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington will be Bridgerton's endgame on Netflix, but the cast of the new season could spoil their romance. Based on the book by Julia Quinn, Bridgerton tells the life and romance of the Bridgerton siblings, set in Regency England. While the third book in the series follows Benedict, the third season of the Netflix show has been announced to be based on the book "Romantic Mr. Bridgerton," which revolves around Colin and his relationship with Penny. Lope's final relationship unfolds. However, new casting choices seem to suggest Bridgerton season 3's romantic road may be rocky.

Bridgerton's seasons largely follow Julia Quinn's novels, but it has been announced that season 3 will include several new characters who did not appear in the romantic Mr. Bridgerton. While not much is known about these new characters other than their names and cast members, they're likely to serve as the foil for Colin and Penelope's eventual romance. While this may frustrate viewers, Colin and Penelope have always had a complicated relationship, so it's only fitting that they hit more roadblocks Overcome the path to true love in Bridgerton season 3 that will sweeten their relationship.

Bridgerton Season 3 May Have Cast A New Love Interest For Colin

Colin has had multiple romances in Bridgeton, and one of season 3's newest additions may also be related to Colin. It has been announced that Hannah New will join the cast of Bridgerton season 3 as the "young and fiery" widow Lady Tilly Arnold. Since the role is original, it's not entirely known what role she'll be playing, but she's likely linked to a man in Bridgetown. Based on Colin's history and the story of Season 3, Mrs. Tilly Arnold could be a potential love interest for Colin, as well as a foil for his relationship with Penelope.

Why It Makes Sense For Bridgerton S3 To Complicate Colin & Pen's Romance

Although adding a new cast member in season 3 may seem unnecessary to complicate Colin and Penelope's romance, it makes sense for their relationship on the show, which differs from the book. The romantic Mr. Bridgeton uses a time jump, which adds a lot of tension to their story, such as Penelope's age. The other Bridgeton's book dynamic that's missing from the show is that Colin is the only one who knows that Penelope is Mrs. Whistletown, which isn't the case on the show. With so many changes made in season 3, adding these new characters helps add to their relationship on the show.

The new cast members of Bridgerton season 3 may complicate Colin and Penelope's romance, but their presence this season reflects the already complicated nature of their relationship. Both Penelope's status as Lady Whistledown and Colin's dismissive attitude towards Penelope brought their season 3 story to life. Tremendous influence. Therefore, in the upcoming season, they may explore other love interests besides each other, which will make their time together more exciting and meaningful. Few love stories are more complicated than Bridgerton, and despite their challenges, Colin and Penelope's romance in season 3 may be the most satisfying yet.

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