My Hero Academia Confirms Its Number Three Hero Is Alive

With its #3 hero missing in action for a long time, MHA finally reveals that he's still alive, though some mysteries around him remain.

Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia, Season 6, Episode 11

My Hero Academia's #3 hero, Best Jeanist, has been missing from the anime for a long time. The opening of the latest episode confirms that he's still alive, but there's still a lot of mystery surrounding the character since his disappearance.

Best Jeanist was last seen midway through My Hero Academia Season 5, when he was still recovering from a fight with All for One, in which he lost a lung. He offered Hawks his willingness to return there as a hero, but Hawks then drew a feathered sword, and the episode was cut to imply that Hawks attacked Bestergienst. Best Genest then appeared to Darby in the form of a dead body in a duffel bag, and Darby assigned Hawks to kill Best Genest to prove his allegiance to the villain . However, in the same episode, Hawks is revealed to be a double agent, pretending to work with villains to gain intelligence for the heroes.

Knowing that Hawkes was a double agent, it's unlikely he actually killed Bestjanst, but the hero's body was shown, leading to confusion as to whether he was actually alive. this confusion is not Up until this episode, Best Jeanist was standing on the plane talking to the pilot. In Dabi's confessional video, which he broadcasts to the world, he states that he still believes that Hawks really killed Best Jeanist to gain the villain's trust. It's clear that Best Jeanist is here to reassure fans, and despite Dabi saying that Best Jeanist is alive, the episode doesn't try to explain how.

What Happened to Best Jeanist?

It is well known that Dabi and the My Hero Academia villains would never believe that Best Jeanist was dead without seeing his body, so whatever plans Hawks had had to include a way to show them his body. A flashback to this moment later in season 5 shows Dabi looking at Best Jeanist's body and accepting Hawks, so it's definitely his body in Hawks' bag. The most likely explanation is that Bestergienst was given some kind of drug to induce a death-like comatose state that would pass most attempts to detect signs of life. Did the villain possess his body for a while, or was it abandoned by the hero and retrieved? a bit It's hard to believe that they would simply dispose of Best Jeanist's corpse when it could have been a great base for Nomu, but he apparently managed to escape somehow.

Whatever happens, it's likely to be explained at least in the next episode of My Hero Academia, which according to the trailer will focus on the best koshers.

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