MHA forces Ochako to be more like Toga

The early dynamic between Ochako Urara and Himiko Toga at the end of the Supernatural Liberation War changes dramatically in Chapter 375 of My Hero Academia.

Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 375

The Ochako Uraraka and Himiko Toga reunion part that My Hero Academia fans have been waiting for is finally happening, but unfortunately, the two characters are switching roles in the worst way imaginable.

Ever since Ochako and Himiko last met at the end of the War of Supernatural Liberation, fans have insisted on how Ochako's refusal of Himiko's friendship offer hurt the villain. Even though the manga hinted that Himiko had left Ochako in My Hero Academia before their long-awaited reunion, there is still hope that Himiko will finally open up to Ochako like she originally did.

But in Horikoshi Kohei's My Hero Academia Chapter 375, Toga Himiko is so determined to avenge Twice's death and kill all the heroes that she leaves Ochako without hesitation, and without He hesitated and left. Ironically, Ochako does hold onto Toga as tightly as possible now so they can finally talk about romance.

My Hero Academia Has Ochako & Toga Completely Backwards

On the face of it, this is an interesting reversal of Himiko and Ochako's earlier dynamic. Himiko initially just wants to talk to Ochako about their mutual obsession with Deku. But Dachazi didn't all. She is more disgusted by Himiko's advances and feels the need to reject her more than anything else. But now that Himiko is executing a plan of attack that could prove devastating to the Japanese hero, Ochako is trying to divert her attention by connecting with Himiko in the same way the bad guys once tried to do with her. In order for Himiko and Ochako's relationship to continue when the supernatural liberation war ends, Ochako must adopt this new mindset.

Unfortunately, all of this is setting up their confrontation, which culminates in the emotional cliché of the heroes trying to woo the conflicting villains in the 11th hour. But that's not what fans have been hoping for since Himiko's tearful departure. They find it funny that Ochako hurt her and want Himiko to try to contact Ochako later. There is no part of Himiko's personality to suggest that Ochako's rejection would cause Himiko to embrace her dark side. In fact, her past behavior suggests otherwise. Deku never reciprocated Himiko's affection, but her refusal of courtship didn't make her any more evil.

Of course, my Hero Academia has been hinting that this will unfortunately happen. Before their reunion, Himiko is put in a situation where she has to face her past, and she thinks about everything but Ochako, which suggests she's gone. Meanwhile, Ochako Uraraka later reveals to Deku at another time that whenever she feels sorry for Himiko, she goes out of her way to remind herself that Himiko Toga is evil. So while My Hero Academia fans will finally see Ochako Urara and Hikoko Toga resume their previous dialogue, the wrong character is doing all the work.

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