Marvel's Coolest Iron Man Game Won't Star Tony Stark

At this point, Tony Stark as Iron Man is finished. An Iron Man video game featuring another character as Iron Man would be cooler.

EA is currently working on a new Iron Man video game, and it would be cooler if it featured almost any character other than Tony Stark as Iron Man. Over the past decade, Tony Stark has solidified Marvel's most familiar Iron Man image and has been a solid choice for most high-profile media projects. However, many characters throughout comic book history have donned the mantle of Iron Man, and EA has a unique opportunity to try something different with the protagonist in its upcoming Iron Man video game.

Not much is known about the direction of EA's Iron Man games, and this new Iron Man game may look very different from other games featuring the character. Marvel's Avengers portrayed a masochistic version of Tony Stark, but remained true to the character, bringing the typically sly wit that has become synonymous with Tony Stark's Iron Man. If EA's new Iron Man video game is going to stand out as a truly new and unique Marvel title, it would certainly benefit from choosing an alternate protagonist for Tony Stark.

EA's New Marvel Game Would Be Better With Infamous Iron Man

If EA's upcoming Iron Man video game chooses to adapt the infamous Iron Man as A game that focuses on Victor von Doom as the game's Iron Man. The infamous Iron Man follows Doctor Doom on a righteous path to redemption, taking on the Iron Man name and dealing with some of Marvel's most stubborn foes -- including the Devil himself, Mephisto. Marvel video games should make new heroes shine, rather than playing the same old, tired ones, and Victor von Doom would be a great left-wing option for EA's Man of Steel.

Narratives Featuring Tony Stark As Iron Man Are Overdone

EA's infamous Iron Man can find Doctor Doom to bring justice to a series of little-known villains in the Marvel Universe, bringing all-new Marvel characters, stories and adventures to this AAA action-adventure game. After the lucrative Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film's main characters have been making headlines for the rest of the franchise. The most recent example comes from The Avengers being shoehorned into an absurd Marvel Midnight Sun roster, with A-listers clearly feeling out of place in an apparently mysterious episode.

The infamous Iron Man video game could reject the status quo at Marvel Games and organically introduce some surprising new heroes and villains. as As Tony Stark has done throughout the Marvel Universe, it's time to introduce a new Iron Man to the world, and no character could be more surprising than Doctor Doom. Taking the risk of making a big-budget Marvel game doesn't seem like a likely option given EA's handling of the Star Wars games is fraught. Still, there's hope that EA's upcoming Iron Man video game has others turning their heads.

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