Marvel SNAP: Best Cards in Set 3

The largest collection of cards in Marvel Snap is in Pool 3, and features iconic characters who complete player deck archetypes and strategies.

The best of Marvel Snap's iconic villains and heroes make serious appearances throughout the Pool 3 collection, which players can access once they reach collection level 475. Pool 3 additions are even rarer in Collector's Caches, and they have a chance to hold cash or boosters instead of a new card. As such, players should focus more on utilizing the best cards they find in Pool 3 to complete their strategy around deck building, finalizing their archetypes to their fullest potential.

The consistently strong On Reveal and Ongoing decks get some of their best cards in Pool 3 via Wong and Mystique, while the discard-centric combo gets Hell Cow, Moon Knight and Dracula as a strategy to expand it basic tools. Generic cards with the right abilities are good for any deck building in Marvel Snap, including Sera, Wave, and Magik, all of which alter the standard pace of the game by changing certain factors. Venom, Death, and Destroyer are great cards for a Destruction-focused deck, while Daredevil, Patriot, and Lockjaw control the turn in unorthodox but incredible ways useful effect.

Reach Exponential Power with Wong and Mystique

The two infamous cards that often appear in Group 3 games are Wong and Mystique, which are 4 Energy 2 Power and 3 Energy 0 Power cards respectively. Wong has a persistent ability that doubles the activation of all On Reveal cards played in its position, which can be combined with nearly every strong card of that type. For example, Black Panther, a 5 Energy 4 Power card, doubles its Power value when Revealed, becoming an 8 Power character. When played at a location in the Marvel Snap where Wong resides, the power is doubled again, resulting in a base power of 16 with a strong presence in certain locations, which can be brought to even higher powers by Odin's ability to reactivate the On Reveal effect again .

Similarly, Mystique works well with cards like Iron Man, Warpath, and especially Onslaught, due to its ability to replicate the ongoing effect of the last card played. Almost as a clone of an already powerful card, Mystique could theoretically quadruple the ongoing effect when copying Onslaught, or quadruple Power at a Location when copying Iron Man. Boosting power in Marvel Snap is crucial to winning at the end of six rounds, and Mystique embodies the size of the deck to begin with Be the third card pool for players entering the Marvel Snap.

Use New Pool 3 Cards to Discard with Purpose

While the previous Pool 2 had plenty of cards to help with this deck archetype, such as Morbius and Swarm, Pool 3 goes a step further to support the folding strategy by including 4 Energy 0 Power Dracula. The Vampire Lord has a special ability to discard a card from a player at the end of the game, duplicating its power value for himself. With this effect in its later stages, it can be difficult for opponents to bypass Dracula, as they will only be able to determine what power it will end up with after the final round is over. Instead, players should try to assemble Dracula from Apocalypse in a Marvel Snap, building up its power throughout the game and raising Dracula one last time at a time.

Other cards in Pool 3, such as 4 Energy 6 Power Hell Cow and 3 Energy 3 Power Moon Knight, also contribute to this archetype by performing more tasks than standard cards with discard effects. For example, Hell Cow discards two cards from the player's hand upon Reveal, in stark contrast to the character only discarding one Like Sword Art Online. Moon Knight can not only discard a card from his own hand, but also a card from the opponent's hand, thereby disrupting the enemy's strategy, while still pursuing the player's primary goal of using him.

Change the Game with Sera, Wave, and Magik

In general, the primary method of leveling up in Marvel Snap is for players to gain maximum power from at least two of the three locations that make up the playing field. The best way to do this is usually to play more cards than your opponent, a fact made easier by the effect of Pool 3 cards Sera and Wave. Arguably the best card in Pool 3, 5 Energy 4 Power Sera reduces the cost of all cards in a player's hand by 1 going into the next turn, making them use higher cost cards more often.

Likewise, 3 Energy 3 Power Wave changes the cost of all cards in either player's hand to 4 Energy on the next turn, achieving a similar effect, albeit at the risk of giving the opponent the same benefit. Anchor 6 Power cards that players may have used in previous Pools, such as Odin, the A very powerful Onslaught from Marvel Snap, or a reliable tool like America Chavez, can be used early in the game via Wave. As players unlock more Pool 3 cards, Wave becomes increasingly important early in the game when seeking to strategize.

Typical rules for Marvel Snap limit the number of rounds in a match to 6, but 5 Energy 3 Power Magik changes that. Also, by changing locations, she plays in Limbo, and that stretches the game to 7 rounds depending on the effect in that area. While this can change again with cards like Scarlet Witch and Storm, new options for the various deck archetypes in the Marvel Snap through longer playtimes offer more opportunities to use multiple cards that cost more to risk but fun game.

Destroy Everything with Death, Destroyer, and Venom

3 Energy 0 Power Venom shares similarities with its Pool 1 counterpart Carnage, destroying all cards in a position when played. However, instead of a fixed +2 strength bonus per card, Venom gains the collective strength of all cards in that position, allowing players to set up a powerful single venom for more freedom One location and multiple destructive effects triggered at once. Also, good combos of Venom exist with cards like Nova and Wolverine that trigger abilities when destroyed.

For best rewards in Marvel Snap with this strategy, the 6 Energy 15 Power Destroyer clears all cards in each position on Reveal. Despite being countered by Armor and Colossus, players who wish to keep some of their cards can use these tools to limit the widespread impact of the Destroyer, whose main purpose is tied to Death. Sitting at 9 Energy 12 Power, Death can only be played if the player reduces her cost by 1 for every card destroyed in the game, which is made easy with the proper use of Venom and Destroyer.

Use Unique Pool 3 Cards to Surprise Opponents

Pool 3 shows a new archetype, centered on the Patriot, which is a 3 Power 1 Power card with an ongoing effect that grants +2 Power to all cards that have no effect. By adding this time to a player's deck, cards that were initially traded away in the early stages, while players tend to use more methods to play Marvel Snap without spending money, the boost given to them by Patriots becomes relevant , such as Misty Knight, Cyclops, and shocking. Additionally, the old cards that players got for free at the start of their journey suddenly have room in these later decks, making Patriots a highly sought-after card in Set 3.

Lockjaw and Daredevil also change the flow of the match in Marvel Snap via their effects, and the 3 Energy 2 Power Inhuman pet is even more surprising. Lockjaw swaps a player's card with another card in their deck On Reveal, giving a weaker card a chance to swap with another that would otherwise be very expensive to play. 2 Energy 2 Power Daredevil predicts the opponent's turn 5, showing the player where each card will be played before executing the action. The best cards in Pool 3 in Marvel Snap give players more tools for success than previous series, while expanding player options, a trait that Daredevil strongly showcases.

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