Magic: The Gathering - 10 Most Beautiful Cards, Ranked

Magic: The Gathering has some powerful and rare cards, but some cards have absolutely stunning art designs.

Magic: The Gathering's next post-block set will be released starting February 3, 2023, titled Phyrexia: All Will Be One, and will include new cards. Some of these cards have leaked stunning art so far, such as the new Green Sun's Twilight card.

Magic: The Gathering has been running since 1993 and has been one of the biggest TCGs of all time. Since then, many amazing artists have helped design the artwork for these cards. There are many beautiful cards out there featuring some of the best fantasy art any fantasy fan can enjoy.

Heartbeat of Spring — Rob Alexander

The Heartbeat of Spring was released in the Double Masters expansion pack with illustrations by Rob Alexander, who made several other beautiful cards in the TCG series. This card depicts a beautiful verdant forest that soothes any player or collector who gazes at it, with a small stream or brook flowing through the forest.

The image beautifully captures the idea of ​​a fresh and healthy spring. This is an enchantment card that requires two pieces of colorless mana and one piece of green mana to play. Whenever a player taps a land for mana, that player adds mana of either Type of Land production.

Slave of Bolas — Steve Argyle

This version of Bolas' slave depicts artwork by Steve Argyle, showing an angel possessed by Bolas, reminiscent of some of the artwork in the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition module. The creatures chosen for the artwork simply show how powerful this card is, and are clearly a design choice for the obvious Angel character that Violet Black Magic possesses.

As the image and name suggest, the card's effect allows the player to gain control of an opponent's creature. The creature is untapped, and it gains haste until end of turn. At the beginning of the players' next end step, they must sacrifice the creature. This spell card was originally from the Alara Reborn expansion pack.

Starlit Angel — Rebecca Guay

Astral Angel itself is not a magic card, but a creature with flying. However, it has one of the most beautiful artwork in Magic the Gathering, one of the best digital card games, drawn by Rebecca Guay.

It depicts an angel flying through the clouds and into the night sky. The colors of the clouds and the angel himself have been carefully chosen to match the night sky. To play this card, the player needs to use three colorless mana and two white mana. This is an older card that made its debut in the Portal expansion released in 1997.

Make a Wish — Howard Lyon

Make a Wish contains fantastic artwork performed by Howard Lyon of a young girl throwing a coin into a well to make a wish. The viewing angles are great, causing the cards to pop out in a surprising fashion, almost giving the player viewing the card the image of the coin as it descends and spins to the bottom of the well.

This is a spell card from the Innistrad expansion set that allows the player to return two random cards from the graveyard to their hand. This is a very useful card to use early on when players are running low on cards in their graveyard so they can increase their chances of getting what they want.

Underground Sea — Rob Alexander

Underground Sea is another card featuring Rob Alexander's artwork depicting incredible marine designs under the sea. This is one of the rarest cards in Magic: The Gathering, from a revision of the game created in 1994. The unique artwork that captures this bizarre setting is undoubtedly one of the reasons why collectors so desire this card.

There is an updated version of this card, but the illustration is not as attractive. The Underground Sea is a land card that allows a player to add blue or white mana to a player's mana pool. The card is also treated as a swamp and an island, and is affected by spells that affect either. If the spell destroys one of these land types, the card is destroyed; if the spell changes one of these land types, the other land type is unaffected.

Murmuring Bosk — John Avon

Whispering Grove is another land card that's great for players to own, and has nice artwork as the sun shines through the Dark Forest. It has a similar feel to forests seen or read about in various fantasy novels where travelers are constantly trying to escape evil. However, the light that shines through gives a symbol of hope and safety. This stunning artwork was drawn by John Avon and released with the Morning Tide expansion pack.

This card has two different effects, the first allows the player to reveal the Dryad card in the player's hand hand. If the player doesn't, Whispering Grove comes into play tapped. The second effect allows players to add either white or black mana to their mana pool, but the Murmuring Bosk then deals 1 damage to the player.

Dusk Legion Dreadnought — Titus Lunter

Dusk Legion Dreadnought is a stunning depiction of a gigantic ship with artwork by Titus Lunter for fans of Sea of ​​Thieves, one of the best-selling Xbox exclusives. While not much happens in the background, the focus of the card art is on the ship, and the dark details make the ship both intimidating and a beautiful work of art.

This is the Artifact Vehicle card introduced in the Ixalan expansion. It costs 5 colorless mana to play and has the ability to allow the player to tap any number of creatures with a total power of 2 or more within range of the player's control. The card remains an artifact until the end of the turn.

Thunder Drake — Yeong-Hao Han

Yeong-Hao Han created stunning aerial artwork of Thunder Drake, a dragon as fearsome as any of the biggest dragons on Game of Thrones. This card is stunning, The creature looks like a storm cloud in the shape of a dragon. The art of this card will make any player want to have it in their deck simply because of how powerful it looks.

This elemental drake is a flying creature introduced in the War of the Spark expansion. It requires three colorless mana and water mana to use. Each round a player casts a second spell, the player must put a +1/+1 counter on Thunder Drake.

Song of Creation — Noah Bradley

The Song of Creation is a dazzling card depicting the beginning of creation. Stunning gold and blue artwork by Noah Bradley is a piece that players and collectors can stare at for hours from its stunning central focus and reflection in the water card.

The card itself is an enchantment card, first introduced in the Ikoria: Plane of Behemoth expansion. The card's effect allows the player to use an additional land card on each player's turn. It also allows players to draw two cards when a player casts a spell. The card also has a third ability that forces players to Discard their hand during their end step.

Gift of Orzhova — Johannes Voss

Orzhova's Gift is easily the most beautiful card in Magic, created by Johannes Voss. The card depicts a woman standing on a ledge above the castle as she prepares to take off on her new majestic wings, designed to resemble the stained glass windows of a church.

The point of view and focus of the flanks and girls is what draws the player's attention to the cards. This is an enchantment creature aura card introduced in the Armageddon expansion. Creatures with this card attached get +1/+1 and have flying and lifelink.

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