Ladies Talking Cast & Character Direct

Ladies Talking adjusts Miriam Toews' novel and gloats a solid gathering cast. We break down who is within the film and which characters they play.

Ladies Talking gloats a awesome cast to tell a capable story. Composed and coordinated by Sarah Polley, who adjusted the film from the 2018 novel by Miriam Toews, Ladies Talking tells the destroying story of a bunch of ladies within the Mennonite community who have been sedated and assaulted over the course of a few a long time by a gather of men in their community.

Ladies Talking was to begin with declared in late 2020 and shot in 2021 some time recently debuting at this year’s Telluride Film Celebration. The film gotten a generally positive basic gathering, with particular laud given to the cast. Ladies Talking includes a star-studded outfit cast, counting Frances McDormand, with each performing artist giving their all in a story that handles troublesome subject matter.

Rooney Mara as Ona

Ona is one of the individuals of the Mennonite community who was assaulted by a few of the men, which come about in a pregnancy. She may be a calm lady who incorporates a delicate spot for Eminent, her childhood companion. Ona is depicted by Ronney Mara, who is best known for her parts in Carol, nearby Cate Blanchett, The Young lady with the Winged serpent Tattoo, The Social Arrange, Side Impacts, Container, Her, and Ain’t Them Bodies Holy people.

Claire Foy as Salome

Salome may be a fierce lady of the Mennonite community who has endured nearby her companions. Salome joins Ona and the others to choose what the leading course of activity is for the ladies moving forward. Salome is depicted by Claire Foy, who is best known for her parts in Netflix’s The Crown, in which she played the more youthful Ruler Elizabeth II, To begin with Man, My Child, and the TV arrangement Crossbones.

Jessie Buckley as Mariche

Mariche may be a woman who was moreover sexually attacked. She could be a mother who is in an injurious marriage and who is unimaginably irate around what happened to her and the other ladies within the community. Mariche is depicted by Jessie Buckley, who is best known for her parts in Netflix’s The Misplaced Girl, Alex Garland’s frightfulness motion picture Men, I’m Considering of Finishing Things, the HBO arrangement Chernobyl, Wild Rose, and Fargo, in which Buckley played Oraetta Mayflower.

Judith Ivey as Agata

Agata is an senior lady within the Mennonite community and, as a casualty of the mass sexual ambushes, could be a member of the committee to choose on what to do within the consequence. Agata is depicted by Judith Ivey, who is best known for her parts in Banners of Our Fathers, therapeutic dramatization Modern Amsterdam, Designing Women, White Collar, and the TV arrangement The Inadvertent Wolf.

Ben Whishaw as August Epp

Admirable Epp may be a teacher whose family cleared out the Mennonite community for a few a long time some time recently he returned. Eminent is miserably in cherish with Ona and takes the women’s committee minutes as they consider. Admirable is depicted by Ben Whishaw, who is best known for Cloud Map book, The Lobster, Mary Poppins Returns, the James Bond motion pictures, in which he depicted Q in movies such as No Time to Kick the bucket, the TV arrangement Fargo, Suffragette, and for voicing the character Paddington within the tender bear’s movies of the same title.

Women Talking Supporting Cast & Character Guide

Frances McDormand as Scarface Janz - Scarface Janz may be a part of the community who is restricted to the ladies taking off the Mennonite community. Frances McDormand is best known for her parts in Three Bulletins Exterior Ebbing, Missouri, Nearly Popular, the Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom, The Catastrophe of Macbeth, in which she played Woman Macbeth, North Nation, the TV arrangement State of Elegance, and the sentimental comedy Something’s Gotta Donate.

Sheila McCarthy as Greta - Greta is additionally an elder who could be a portion of the women’s committee in choosing whether to take off. Sheila McCarthy is best known for her parts in Pass on Difficult 2, The Day After Tomorrow, the Netflix arrangement The Umbrella Foundation, and Confessions of a High school Show Ruler.

Michelle McLeod as Mejal - Mejal is Greta’s niece and was too assaulted by the men within the Mennonite community and feels harmed that they lied to the ladies almost it after they gone up against them. Michelle McLeod is best known for her parts in Don’t Conversation to Irene, My Spy, and Bumble bee.

Kate Hallett as Autje - Autje is the girl of Jessie Buckley’s character Mariche. Ladies Talking is Kate Hallett’s to begin with include acting part.

Liv McNeil as Nietje - Nietje is Salome’s niece. Ladies Talking is additionally Liv McNeil’s to begin with include film part.

Emily Mitchell as Miep - Miep is the girl of Salome. Emily Mitchell is known for her part within the TV arrangement What We Do within the Shadows.

Kira Guloien as Anna - Anna may be a portion of the gathered ladies who must make a choice. Kira Guloien is best known for Night Cries, the TV arrangement Robyn Hood, and Murdoch Riddles.

Shayla Brown as Helena - Helena is another part of the Mennonite community in Ladies Talking. Shayla Brown has been within the Apple TV+ arrangement See.

Admirable Winter as Melvin - Melvin may be a trans part of the community who was too traumatized by the sexual attacks. Admirable Winter is best known for their parts within the arrangement Vagrant Dark: Echoes, Mary Murders Individuals, and Between.

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