Kira's DS9 comeback solves Star Trek Bajoran problems

Lt. Shax was also helped by Major Kira's return in the DS9 episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks. Their shared experience in the Resistance made Shaxx feel more like a Bajoran.

Colonel Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor) returns for Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 and the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine crossover addresses Lt. Shax's (Fred Tatasciore) lingering issues. Kira and Quark (Armin Shimerman), the two mainstays of DS9, welcome the crew of the USS Cerritos to the former Cardassian space station. Kira, along with Captain Carol Freeman (Dwayne Lewis), begins trade negotiations with Karema from the Gamma Quadrant, as the lower decks must experience the promenade of DS9, and they even steal their Freed him when he was captured by Karema because of the technology.

Originally, Lieutenant Lo Laren (Michelle Forbes) would be the Bajor character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but when Forbes dropped the series, Major Kira Nerys was created to replace her. Kira was a breakthrough Star Trek character; the former leader of the Bajoran Rebels, gritty, no-nonsense, spiritual and awesome. Over time, DS9 revealed Kira's softer side, especially in her romance. Kira fell in love with Constable Odo (Rene Auberjonois) at the end of DS9, who left her at the end of the Dominion Wars to reunite with his people, the Founders. Captain Benjamin Sisko as DS9 ends (Avery Brooks) ascended to become one of the Bajoran seers, and Colonel Kira became the commander of Deep Space Nine.

How Kira In Star Trek: Lower Decks' DS9 Crossover Fixed Shax

"Star Trek: Lower Decks" and "DS9" crossover may be the biggest beneficiary of Lt. Shax. As Ciro Klofton, who played Jack Sisko on DS9, pointed out on his podcast "The Seventh Rule," Shax's status as Bajoran was immediately legitimized by the news that he and Kira were partners in the Resistance . Obviously, Shax is the Bajoran security officer on the Cerritos, but this animated comedy focuses on the lower decks, leaving little time to fully explore Shax's role as a Bajoran. Lofton, an expert on Deep Space Nine, where he's been for the entire 7 seasons, is absolutely right to think that a relationship with the most important Bajorian hero in the Star Trek series, Kira )'s past gave Shaxx "rubbing" and cemented his status as Bajor.

Lt. Shax, a popular character among Star Trek: Lower Decks fans, had one of his finest moments in the season 3 finale, when he finally popped the song after repeatedly suggesting it throughout the series Speed ​​core to save Cerritos. Shax also died in the season 1 finale of Star Trek: Lower Decks, and His mysterious Season 2 resurrection was squeezed into comedy to highlight how Lower Deckers never knew the details of what happened to the senior staff. But more than his Bajoran ancestry, Shaxx is better known as a gruff but lovable security chief who calls his favorite ensign "Bear Bear." Thanks to Colonel Kira, Shaxx is now more Bajoran than ever.

Why Bajor Is Still Important After DS9 Was Canceled

Throughout the seven seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Bajor and his fate were central to the Alpha Quadrant and the future of the Federation of Planets. The Bajoran Wormhole, also known by the Bajoran as home to the Temple of the Sky and their god-seekers, is the gateway to the Gamma Quadrant, which brings dominion and war to the Commonwealth. Many years have passed since the Federation won the Dominion War, and Deep Space Nine is still a thriving center of commerce, and it still guards the wormhole.

Bajoran did not join the Federation at the end of DS9, Captain Sisko now lives in non-linear time, but the Bajorans can still determine the fate of the galaxy due to their connection to the wormhole. Colonel Kira is still Commander of the Deep The fact that Space Nine remains an important Federation outpost shows just how high up she is in Starfleet. In fact, Colonel Kira is still so important that she elevated Lt. Shax's status as Bajoran in Star Trek: Lower Decks just by knowing him.

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Star Trek: Lower Decks Seasons 1-3 are now streaming on Paramount+.

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